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Core Training Groups

As AEDP so powerfully demonstrates, deep and positive transformations occur in the context of safe, supportive and positive relationships. The Core Training Program offers the quintessential opportunity to learn the theory and practice of AEDP in the inspiring company of other motivated colleagues. It’s limited to 11 participants to create group safety. Each 14 hour session – usually, but not always, a weekend – includes didactic and video presentation by the leading faculty member, followed by one hour for each group member to show tape of their own work and receive both faculty supervision and supportive feedback from group members. Core training is one of our most powerful learning experiences for integrating AEDP theory into your own clinical acumen.

The concentrated time that members spend together immersed in learning AEDP tends to foster a culture of trust and generosity which allows the risk-taking of exposing one’s own videotaped work, offers many opportunities to learn from the work of others, and creates a supportive environment that is uniquely suited for optimal experiential and reflective learning.

An Intensive, Synergistic, Three-Pronged Approach to Learning AEDP

  1. The development of an explicitly supportive and expansive collegial environment that can nurture the professional development of individual group members both in their local areas and within the greater AEDP community.
  2. Didactic seminars by Faculty of the AEDP Institute who will present AEDP theory and demonstrate its clinical applications through extensive videotaped illustrations of their work.
  3. Extensive clinical supervision segments during which each individual group member will present their videotaped sessions and receive individual supervision from Faculty in a group setting. We are committed to maximizing learning by creating an individualized and accepting experience for all members within the context of the overall group process

Training Groups

  • meet intensively for 5 sixteen-hour sessions, usually weekends, over the course of a year
  • usually consist of 8-11 members
  • integrate a primary focus on supervision from videotape with didactic presentations and demonstrations from AEDP Faculty

How do I find a Core Training for me?

AEDP Core Training groups can fill up very fast; sometimes before they are even advertised. This is because:

a) Prior year members sign up for another year. Core Training groups can become very connected – often supporting each other in peer supervision and other personal and professional ways for many years. This  can limit the number of openings for new members.

b) AEDP community members often register their interest in participating in a regional Core Training group before a group is officially launched. We look to have a “waiting list” of at least 10 people who have completed Immersion and are already videotaping before we announce the launch of a new Core Training.

If you do not see your region listed in the Current & Upcoming Core Training, please contact us to register your interest in being part of a new group. New groups are forming all the time! Or contact an AEDP faculty member to see if they know of any Core Training groups in the geographical area of your interest.

Current & Upcoming Core Trainings – US & Canada


Current & Upcoming Core Trainings – International


Past Core Trainings:

  • AEDP for Couples Core Training 2017-2018
  • Core Training • 2017-2018 • San Francisco East Bay
  • Core Training • 2016-2017 • San Francisco East Bay
  • Core Training • 2016-2017 • New York - Transforming Resistance: AEDP/ STDP
  • Core Training • 2016-2017 • New York
  • Core Training • 2016 - 2017 • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Core Training • 2015-2016 • Boston
  • Core Training • 2015-2016 • New York
  • Core Training • 2014-2015 • Hong Kong
  • San Francisco Core Training • 2014-2015
  • Core Training • 2013-2014 • Boston II
  • Core Training • 2013-2014 • Vancouver
  • Core Training • 2013-2014 • Boston I

Couples Core Training Groups

Current & Upcoming Couples Core Trainings – US & Canada


Past Couples Core Trainings:

  • AEDP for Couples Core Training 2017-2018
  • AEDP for Couples Core Training • 2016-2017
  • Couples Core Training • 2015-2016 • San Francisco
  • Couples Core Training • 2014-2015 • San Francisco
  • Couples Core Training • 2013-2014 • San Francisco


For more information about Core Training or Couples Core Training, please contact the AEDP Administrator