Antiracism: An In-Depth Online Training with Live, AEDP Colleague Accountability Groups.

The AEDP Institute has partnered with Dr. Della V. Mosley, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Florida & Co-Founder of Academics for Black Survival and Wellness, to make available a meaningful online training for non-Black therapists in anti-Black racism.

he training will be available November 1, 2020 – February 15, 2021; to be included you must register by Wednesday, October 28.

Antiracism: An In-Depth Online Training with Live, AEDP Colleague Accountability Groups
was originally developed by Dr. Mosley and a group of clinical psychologists working in academia to help people better understand anti-Black racism and help support Black professionals in the fields of psychology and academics.

The training has three components

  1. Pre-Recorded Resource Material: 7 units with 3-5 hours of material in each unit. Material includes videos from professors in the field, videos from other sources, pre-recorded panel discussions, podcasts, articles and reflection exercises.
  2. Live Accountability Groups: each AEDP participant will be put into a group of 3-5 colleagues who will meet according to their schedules – usually for an hour once every two weeks (one hour per unit) – to discuss and reflect on the unit’s material/exercises. This aspect of the training is, in Dr. Mosley’s experience critical to the experience. Note also that Dr. Mosley has recommended that we group folks by racial identification: white folx in accountability groups together, IPOC folx together and Black folx sitting this one out entirely.
  3. Near the end of the training, in mid-January (date to be determined), Dr. Mosley will present a live seminar tailored to the AEDP community participants.

Learn more and sign up for the training by October 28th at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, registration is closed. 

Special note:

It does not escape us that we are inviting you to register for this training / experience with fairly little notice and during a time that is especially trying for many of us. Given the months of preparation we decided we should go ahead. In fact, our hope is that many of us will experience the training as a positive way to be active and keep our eyes on the prize of transformation even in the midst of stressful times. If this does not feel that way to you right now, we completely understand and we hope to offer alternatives for learning and growing together in the near future.

Meet Dr. Mosley:

Della V. Mosley, PhD (She/her)

Assistant Professor at the University of Florida & Co-Founder of Academics for Black Survival and Wellness

Dr. Della V. Mosley is an Assistant Professor in the APA-accredited Counseling Psychology Program at the University of Florida. She created and leads the Wellness, Equity, Love, Liberation, and Sexuality (WELLS) Healing and Research Collective. She is a Black queer feminist, scholar, activist, and healer committed to Black liberation. Dr. Della’s research focuses on facilitating the wellness of Black and/or queer and transgender People of Color and is undergirded by Black feminist-womanist-paradigms and liberating methods of inquiry (i.e. qualitative research methods). She uses practical, evidence-based, and culturally mindful solutions to fight anti-Black racism and facilitate the healing and liberation of Black people. She has published in top-tier journals, has been invited to speak nationally, and is engaged in radical social justice advocacy work for Black liberation. Dr. Della is an American Psychological Association Minority Fellow, co-authors the Psychology Today blog, “Healing through Social Justice” with the Psychology of Radical Healing Collective, and currently serves as the Presidential Task Force Co-Chair for the American Psychological Association Society of Counseling Psychology.

About the Training:

Antiracism: An In-Depth Online Training with Live, AEDP Colleague Accountability Groups is an impactful training designed to foster accountability and growth for non-Black people to enhance healing and wellness for Black people.

This training is a personal and professional development initiative for non-Black people that acknowledges the toll of racial trauma on Black people, seeks to resist anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and facilitates accountability and collective action. The training includes, empirically-grounded and culturally relevant content that will move us closer to Black liberation.

The Training’s Goals and Objectives

AEDP faculty members have taken part in Dr. Mosley’s Academics for Black Survival and Wellness trainings and feel that her expertise and methods are relevant for the AEDP community – definitely for faculty, supervisors, and experiential assistants, but also for any therapist in our community who wants to work on anti-racism in themself and in their practice.

The overarching goals and objectives are:

(1) Understand the history of anti-Black racism in the United States and how it infiltrates many of our current systems, preventing Black wellness.

(2) Reflect on your personal role in perpetuating anti-Black racism and white supremacy on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and institutional levels

(3) Create a personal plan of action to foster wellness among your Black clients, supervisees, colleagues, friends, faculty, and community members.

(4) Hold oneself accountable to consistently doing the work needed for Black wellness.

Complete the Participant Agreement and Register for Antiracism: An In-Depth Online Training with Live, AEDP Colleague Accountability Groups

Special Price – Only for AEDP Institute Members:
  • The training is free* for AEDP Faculty, Admin, Certified Supervisors, Supervisors in Training, Listserv Moderators and Experiential Assistants. *i.e. the cost of the program is covered by the Institute.
  • We are asking all other Institute Members to pay $125 (to be passed through to Dr. Mosley). If you want to participate but either cannot afford membership at this time and/or cannot pay the fee, please email – we will help.

Registration is closed (deadline was October 28, 2020).




  1. Question Will there be CE’s offered for this course?
    1. Answer No, unfortunately not.
  2. Question Is this course intended for both American and non-American participants?
    • Answer Yes. While the United States has a unique set of challenges, anti-Black racism is an International problem and the lessons learned regarding anti-Black racism can be easily applied to racism wherever you live.
  3. Question Is this course intended for Black participants as well as all BIPOC and White participants?
    • Answer Not really. While Black therapists are welcome to watch the pre-recorded training materials (email us if you are Black and would like access) Dr. Mosley has recommended that for accountability groups we group by racial identification: white folx together, IPOC folx together, and Black folx sitting this one out entirely.
  4.  Question Will there be a different training offered for Black participants?
    • Answer We are working with Dr. Mosley on this. If you are a Black therapist and want to be given access to this content when it becomes available, please contact the Institute at
  5. Question How do I avoid dual relationships in my accountability group? And, simlarly, what if I don’t feel comfortable working with the accountability group members with whom I have been placed?
    1.  Answer The Institute will do its best to place you in an accountability group with individuals with whom you do not have dual relationships. And, if after some time the group dynamic is not working, we will do our best to re-place you, but it may not be possible, so we ask you to try to make it work as you would any other group training experience.

Registration is closed (deadline was October 28, 2020).

AEDP Faculty, Supervisors, Moderators, Experiential Assistants Register Here