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AEDP Listserv Guidelines

The AEDP Listserv is a vital means of communication for our worldwide AEDP community.

We have sought to make the implicit explicit in several realms: mission and aim, guidelines for respectful discourse, topics for and not for the Listserv, protocols for announcements, referrals, the signature on emails, and many other things etc. Please read them carefully.




The AEDP Institute is an organization devoted to the development and teaching of AEDP, a healing-oriented model of therapy for working with trauma and attachment trauma, through seeking to transform emotional suffering into flourishing. The AEDP Institute offers training and supervision in the AEDP model.

  • The mission of the AEDP Listserv is to provide a professional forum for AEDP clinicians worldwide to (i) explore topics related to the theory and clinical practice of AEDP and its underpinnings (attachment theory, neuroplasticity, transformational studies, traumatology, etc.) with like-minded others; (ii) undo their aloneness with respect to AEDP and for exploration, sharing, learning, and co-creating together; and (iii) access referrals and resources related to AEDP practice and AEDP trainings, courses, and supervision.
  • Our aim is to collaborate and engage meaningful collegial discussions from a place of curiosity and compassion for alternate points of view.

Given the mission and aim of the listserv, the AEDP Institute and its Faculty have revised and updated the following guidelines for listserv postings.


The moderators are peers and colleagues who volunteer their time to help support the maintenance of these guidelines. The functioning of the listserv, with over 1300 members, depends on each listserv member taking responsibility for adhering to the guidelines. The moderators will reach out to community members when these guidelines have not been followed. Please communicate with the moderators respectfully with civility and mindfulness and please adhere to their requests, front- and back-channel.
Our process and discussions are informed by AEDP’s ethos and values applied to the medium of an online discussion listserv: the co-construction of safety; a transformance rather than a psychopathology orientation; the undoing of aloneness; a healthy appreciation of and respect for different points of view; rigor without shame; mindfulness, self-reflection; responsible action, and courtesy and respect for all.
Ad hominem attacks and personal criticisms of individual colleagues are prohibited, no matter how serious the differences over content, policy or philosophy.
The worldwide AEDP listserv community, ever growing, currently consists of 1300 people from many countries, among them the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Cypress, England, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. We are a diverse group of people with regards to
age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
When posting, we ask AEDP listserv community members to abide by these guidelines:
At all times, AEDP Listserv participants are expected to fully adhere to the professional ethics and code of conduct required by their own respective licensing body (of their profession) in their own state and/or country.
  • Inspired by the Hippocratic Oath, cause no harm
  • Exercise personal responsibility for posts, as well as care and responsibility toward others.
  • Exercise self-care as well as care toward others.
  • When posting on the Listserv, be mindful that, as mentioned previously, (currently) 1300 people on the Listserv comprise a diverse group of people with regards to age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
  • Recognize this diversity and choose not to post anything that may cause harm or offense.
  • Post from a regulated place and exercise good judgment.
  • Post from a place of curiosity and compassion for alternate points of view.
  • If you are not sure whether to post something or not, it is probably a good idea to wait until the following day; check it with an AEDP colleague or supervisor or the moderating team to get feedback
  • Your English does not need to be perfect for you to post; nor does your “AEDP” — you do not need to have perfect knowledge of the 4 states or any other AEDP concept to post.
  • We appreciate posts written with a beginner’s mind, whether you are an advanced AEDPer, or a beginner.
  • Be mindful of frequency of posts; keep in mind there are literally hundreds of others (c.1300 others at this time) on this listserv; make room for others; do not always be the first to post a response; we want a diversity of voices.
  • If you have never or only rarely posted, consider sharing your voice.
  • Respectfully disagree; never shame another listserv member.
  • Posts need to respect the honesty and integrity of other listserv members and shouldnot disp arage or otherwise denigrate the character or intention of other members.
  • The listserv should not be utilized as a substitute for clinical supervision.



  • AEDP Listserv discussions are for clinical and theoretical topics in AEDP. Posts should focus on topics that relate specifically to AEDP theory and clinical practice.
  • On the AEDP listserv, these topics are to be explored clinically, and through the lens of AEDP theory and therapy.
  • Clinical discussions on the AEDP listserv can and do include exploring how social, environmental, political and identity issues affect the emotional wellbeing of our patients, and cause and/or contribute to their trauma and emotional suffering.
  • Confidentiality in Case Discussions: Confidentiality is of paramount importance in clinical case discussions (see below) Please omit as much identifying information as possible in posting clinical questions. Include only information that is essential to the question. Please do not post extended verbatim session dialogue.



  • Political statements, endorsements, or discussions of social justice concerns that are not from a clinical perspective (with the exception of the posting of resources — see below) are not to be posted on the AEDP Listserv.
  • Some members of the AEDP community have created listservs, separate from the AEDP main Listserv, to explore these topics. These listservs have their own separate missions and guidelines.
    These listservs are:

– Political Action group, aka AEDP Call-to-Action listserv: Contact Miranda York at or Liz Zoob:

– People of Color group, a listserv open to people of color in the AEDP community: Contact Nalini Kuruppu:

– Race and Whiteness (RAW) listserv for discussing white privilege and racism, contact Liz and/or


The AEDP Listserv is not …

  • for communication between community members and the AEDP Institute, faculty
    members and/or staff;
  • for communication between individual community members; and
  • for any one community member or any small subset of community members to dominate the platform. The Listserv is meant to be a forum for group sharing with relative strangers who have a myriad of different perspectives and share one common interest, which is AEDP.

PLEASE NOTE: In the case of egregious violations of AEDP Listserv guidelines, the AEDP Institute and faculty reserve the right to take action to preserve the integrity of the AEDP listserv.



1. Subject-line Instructions for Clinical Posts

Please be as specific as possible IN THE SUBJECT LINE to allow the reader to easily decide whether or not this is a subject thread they will open and follow.

• Do not change the subject line when replying to an on-going discussion

2. Subject-line Instructions for Non-Clinical Posts

Identify the type of non-clinical post using the following format (this allows people to filter non-clinical posts) and please always include a request to backchannel responses only to the person posting:

  • Inspirational posts: Please start the subject line of Inspirational posts with the word “INSPIRATIONAL” followed by the nature of the content, such as poetry, video, or links to creative resource. Inspirational posts do not need to link directly to AEDP theory. Please include reminder to backchannel acknowledgements or appreciation in response to inspirational posts.
  • Referrals: Please start the subject line with the word
    ”REFERRAL” immediately followed by the specific location. (for example: REFERRAL: Minneapolis).
    Confidentiality in Referrals: To maximize confidentiality, sensitivity and respect and to minimize discrimination, please include age, gender,
    race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, clinical issues, etc. only if the client wants this information to be revealed. Responses should be sent backchannel, only to the person posting the request.Please include reminder to backchannel responses only to the person posting the request.●  Information on Resources: Please start the subject line with “RESOURCES” followed by content area (e.g., Attachment, Antiracism).Please include reminder to backchannel responses only to the person posting the request.●  Technology and practice related posts: Begin subject line with “TECH” when posting a question or information about videotaping, telehealth, billing practices and software etc….

Before posting a question use the search engine in your email for an answer to your question about technology. Your question has likely been answered before.

Please include reminder to backchannel response only to the person posting the request.

2. Backchannel Instructions:

To “backchannel” a response means to send a response only to the person posting. Do this by hitting the “reply” option, rather than the “reply all” option. The general rule is to backchannel in consideration of members inboxes. Others interested in the responses, please email the person making the request and ask for the information to be passed along. Specific topics to backchannel are:

a. Appreciation for inspirational posts and for resources
b. Referral request responses and appreciation for referrals
c. Announcements: replies, questions and thank you for all announcements/offerings.

d. Technology and practice related posts
e. Congratulations about AEDP Certification and other achievements and honors

3. Signature, with Geographical Information

At the close of your post please identify yourself: first and last name, city, state, and country if in North America; city & country if outside of North America.


The following is a list of allowed categories for announcements and when they are permitted. When posting start subject line with “ANNOUNCEMENT:”
Do not post on behalf of non-members.

First of month:

Reciprocity* approved non-AEDP trainings (*click here for these guidelines). Office space availability
Transcription services
Technical Assistance services

Free resources such as blogs, articles, podcasts (yours)
Book release announcements
AEDP Supervision openings (Supervisor-in-training click here for guidelines) Psychotherapy group openings

Anytime of the month:

–AEDP faculty, Institute and/or regional trainings, salons, workshops, etc. — Social Justice Resources

(Begin Subject-line with “SOCIAL JUSTICE RESOURCE”):
In response to the overwhelming wish of our community, the AEDP listserv welcomes the posting of social justice resources.
Please Note: Comments about these resources should be directed to the separate listservs designed for the purpose of such discussions (see section IIIB).

Not permitted anytime:

Private practice announcements selling or advertising of products E-mail chain letters, jokes, etc.


The AEDP Listserv is 24/7 online listserv, with the exception of the following, when the AEDP Listserv will be on holiday, and go offline:

●  Summer Holiday: August 30 through the Wednesday after U.S. Labor Day Reminder Announcements will be made well in advance of the listserv holidays.

●  November Thanksgiving Holiday: Thursday of U.S. Thanksgiving to following Sunday

●  Winter Holiday: December 22 through January 3


●  If you have questions or need clarification about the guidelines, please email the listserv moderators:

●  For issues concerning technical matters, membership questions, or change of email addresses, please email:

●  For anonymous or signed, i.e., non-anonymous, suggestions, complaints or grievances about AEDP or AEDP Institute matters, please email: –

●  For information and all other AEDP matters please email:

  1. Announcements: Please put ANNOUNCEMENT and specify the location in the subject line.
    Post any time 1st of Month Please do not post
    AEDP Institute events Non-AEDP trainings* that are relevant to our community Private practice announcements


    AEDP Regional Committee events Office space available**
    Transcription services, technical assistance services, etc.**
    Book, blog and article announcements**
    Supervision openings
    Psychotherapy group openings
    • * Reciprocity agreement required. For info, click here
    • ** Please do not post on behalf of others
  2. Congratulations: In general, please send congrats messages back-channel.
  3. If you have questions about the guidelines or concerns about adherence to the guidelines, contact the moderators at For issues concerning technical matters, membership questions, or a change of email addresses, please email
  4. We welcome debate, but please always remain respectful of your colleagues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Listserv Moderating Team.  Click here to meet us!