AEDP Institute

AEDP Listserve Guidelines

In an effort to promote a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming listserv, the AEDP Listserv Moderators request adherence to the following listserv guidelines:

  1. Posts should focus on topics that relate specifically to AEDP and the AEDP community. We ask that you refrain from the following types of announcements:
    • Personal information/celebrations
    • E-mail chain letters, jokes, etc.
    • Political statements or endorsements**For info on AEDP’s community political action Google group, please contact Miranda York at
  2. Confidentiality: Please omit identifying information in clinical questions and referrals. Please only include information that is essential to the question or specific referral need. Please do not post extended session dialogue. Please do not forward anything to anyone outside of listserv, including referral requests.
  3. Inspirational posts do not need to link directly to AEDP theory, but should be marked INSPIRATIONAL in the subject line
  4. Referrals: Please start the subject line with the word REFERRAL immediately followed by the specific location. Responses should be sent, backchannel, only to the person posting request. To maximize confidentiality, sensitivity and respect, please omit all identifying information. Additionally, all referral postings should be worked on and explicitly vetted by the person whom the referral is for. Nothing should be in the subject line or the body of the email that is not known and agreed upon by the prospective client or, if a child, the parents or guardians. This includes whether or not to list, or how to list information pertaining to: age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital, clinical issues, etc.
  5. Announcements: Please put ANNOUNCEMENT and specify the location in the subject line.
    Post any time 1st of Month Please do not post
    AEDP Institute events Non-AEDP trainings* that are relevant to our community Private practice announcements


    AEDP Regional Committee events Office space available**
    Transcription services, technical assistance services, etc.**
    Book, blog and article announcements**
    Supervision openings
    Psychotherapy group openings
    • * Reciprocity agreement required. For info, click here
    • ** Please do not post on behalf of others
  6. Congratulations: In general, please send congrats messages back-channel.
  7. If you have questions about the guidelines or concerns about adherence to the guidelines, contact the moderators at For issues concerning technical matters, membership questions, or a change of email addresses, please email
  8. We welcome debate, but please always remain respectful of your colleagues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Listserv Moderating Team.  Click here to meet us!