AEDP Institute

AEDP Listserve Guidelines

We appreciate your taking the time to read through this information.  We thank you in advance for following the guidelines, suggestions, and rules below.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Listserve Moderating Team if you have questions or concerns at any time. Click here to meet our Listserve Moderating Team.

In an effort to promote a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming listserv, the AEDP moderating team requests adherence to the following listserv guidelines:

  1. Posts should focus on topics that relate specifically to AEDP and the AEDP community. Please be mindful about confidentiality in discussing clinical issues. We ask that you refrain from the following types of announcements:
    • Personal information/celebrations
    • E-mail chain letters, jokes, etc.
    • Political statements or endorsements
  2. When changing topics, be sure to change the subject line accordingly. It is helpful to begin a long post by noting that it will be long at the very beginning or in the subject line
  3. When posting referral requests, please be mindful of confidentiality and omit all identifying information. Also, please specify location in the subject line. Responses to the request should be sent backchannel.
  4. Members may post non-Institute events and advertise services/office space only on the first day of the month (based on Eastern Standard Time). When making an announcement, please put ANNOUNCEMENT and specify the location in the subject line. We ask that you not make announcements on behalf of other individuals. Before announcing events sponsored by other organizations, please contact Lynne Hartwell at to determine whether the organization has posting reciprocity with the AEDP Institute. Institute-sponsored trainings/workshops can be announced at any time.
  5. Congratulations: If your congrats is personally directed to one individual (or small group), we ask that you offer your congratulations backchannel. If you have a personal experience or story to share about the person, please consider making your post front-channel
  6. If you have questions about the guidelines or concerns about adherence to the guidelines, please contact the moderators at For issues concerning technical matters, membership questions, or a change of email addresses, please email
  7. “Inspirational” posts do not need to link directly to AEDP theory, but should be marked “INSPIRATIONAL” in the subject line
  8. Do not send VIRUS warnings and use caution to prevent SPAM. If you receive an email message posted on the list that contains A VIRUS (NOT a virus warning, but a virus), please notify the moderating team at at
  9. Do not harvest e-mail addresses for your own purposes. Other than announcements about trainings, please do not forward e-mails to others outside of the listserv community.
  10. We welcome debate, but please always remain respectful of your colleagues. Before posting, we recommend self-reflection and/or feedback from a trusted colleague.

We hope you enjoy participating in this important part of the AEDP community as we evolve and grow together!!