AEDP Institute

AEDP ListServ Reciprocity Guidelines

Reciprocity Guideline for Posting Events Sponsored by other Organizations

Event Postings for other modalities can only be posted on the 1st of the month and only when a reciprocity agreement (see below) is in place

AEDP Institute and AEDP Regional Groups can post AEDP Events anytime. The subject line should be modeled as follows: AEDP West’s September 20 event: Jerry Lamagna to present…

What is Reciprocity?

An agreement between two organizations to share events on their respective listservs.
What organizations have reciprocity with AEDP?

IFS, NESTTD, CAMFT San Diego, LifeSpan, Benjamin Seaman (NYCEFT) Ricki Bernstein (Somatic Intervention), Vancouver Couple & Therapy Institute, Emily K. Fitton LCSW, Meris Williams PhD (Healing Shame), Molly Eldridge MSW LICSW.

Note: This list will be updated on this webpage periodically. For the most up to date list watch for the “Reciprocity Reminder” post on the listserv around the 15th of the month.

I want to post an event that markets/promotes another modality and that organization is not in the list above:

  • FIRST, ask your organization if they will allow AEDP to advertise on their listserv.
  • If yes contact Lynne at to set up reciprocity between you and the organization
  • Once an agreement is set up, you can post on the 1st of the month

When a reciprocity agreement is in place, how will I know when to post an AEDP event?

  • You are always welcome to post AEDP events on another listserv!
  • Otherwise, Lynne will contact you with the verbiage – all you will have to do is cut and paste onto your listserv

I plan to offer a non-AEDP workshop like EMDR, EFT, SE, DBT but as an individual, not through or with any involvement of the organization*

  • Same as above (marketing another modality)

As a member, if AEDP is part of the mix, does there have to be reciprocity with the organization?*

  • If AEDP is in the title and integrated into your event – reciprocity would be appreciated but not required
  • If AEDP is not in the title and will include AEDP, reciprocity is required