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Transformance Talks for Members Only

Transformance Talks are Webinars, presented by Transformance Journal authors. Members participate live (or watch recordings) of Transformance Talks for free. 

Don’t miss this upcoming Transformance Talk with Diana Fosha and Gil Tunnell in December!

The Journey from AEDP 1.0 to AEDP 2.0
Diana Fosha in conversation with Gil Tunnell, PhD

Friday, December 3, 2021
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern Time USA + Canada
Learn more here

AEDP Referral Network

The AEDP Referral Network makes it easy for members to notify their fellows in the AEDP worldwide membership of clients looking for an AEDP therapist. 

• Members are automatically enrolled

• To post a referral, simply email – be sure to start your subject line with the location of the referral! (Find posting guidelines below)

• A list of newly posted referrals is sent out every evening

• Members backchannel the poster to find out more about the referral and get connected.

Click here to review Referral Network posting guidelines
Click here to access the Referral Network

AEDP Bulletin Board

The AEDP Bulletin Board – now updated daily – is a great way for members to share AEDP news, resources, recommendations, AEDP related events and more.

• Members are automatically enrolled

• To post something on the Bulletin Board just send an email with your exact post to – it will be added to the bulletin board within a day or two.

• The Institute sends an email reminder to all members at least twice per month with 

• Bulletin Board highlights and new posting categories 

• Easy links for checking out Bulletin Board listings of interest 

Click here to review Bulletin Board posting guidelines
Click here to access the Bulletin Board

Listing in the AEDP Therapist Directory

The AEDP directory is an invaluable resource for anyone – including your fellow therapists – seeking an AEDP therapist in the United States, Canada and other places around the world. As a Full Member of the Institute, you can customize your listing with highlights of your work and experience with AEDP, and make it easily searchable by anyone looking for an AEDP therapist in your area.

Savings on AEDP Training

All AEDP Paid Members receive a $50 discount on registration for both the AEDP Essential Skills and Advanced Skills courses, as well as discounts on almost all AEDP trainings, workshops and products.

BOOKS, ARTICLES & PUBLICATIONS Recommended by AEDP Institute and AEDP Therapists

Go here to access this extensive list that has been gathered over the years (approximately 2012 – present).
Add to the list! by sending your recommendation(s) to .

New! Poetry, Stories, Visual Art and Music by AEDP Members and more

Poets and storytellers, share your verse, words and wisdom! Visual artists and musicians, post your videos, sound tracks and pictures of artwork. It does not need to be clinical or even related to AEDP. Email your work, your name and an introduction to the work and we’ll post it for you. If you’d like to share someone else’s work, cite it and give a little context as to why you are sharing it then email  and we’ll publish it here!