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AEDP Majority BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Pay What You Wish, Faculty-Led, Online Core Trainings, 2021


In June, 2020, AEDP Institute announced a commitment to fighting racism. We specified several actions we would take as part of this commitment. See our announcement here.

One of our promises was to sponsor a majority BIPOC ‘pay-what-you-wish,’ faculty-led online Core Training. 

As of January, 2021 we have expanded on this promise a bit: instead of offering one majority BIPOC online Core Training, the Institute has decided to offer two.

  • The first to be announced and offered is the Core Training for relatively more advanced AEDPers. This course is described in detail below. It begins in March, 2021 and will be led by (white) faculty member Jeanne Newhouse.
  • We then decided to offer the second, Core Training for therapists just getting started with videotaping. This training is “under construction;” faculty and/or supervisors and start date will be announced in Spring, 2021.

All  therapists who have (at a minimum) completed AEDP Immersion and have begun videotaping are welcome to apply for the Core Trainings by completing the application here. Accepted applicants will meet with Institute personnel to partner in determining which of the two courses is the best fit for them.

Application Process and Deadline:

Step 1: Please download and complete your application – send it to as indicated on the form no later than February 15, 2021.
Step 2: The Institute will review all applications and be in touch with next steps.

Applications are closed.

Description of Majority BIPOC Pay What You Wish Core Training # 1: 

This is a note from AEDP Faculty member Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA describing Core Training in general, her special approach to Core Training, and her hopes for this AEDP Institute sponsored  Core Training:

In furtherance of the commitment made by both the Institute and the faculty to work toward dealing with the immeasurable toll of systemic racism I am pleased and truly honored to offer a ‘pay what you wish’ Core Training especially welcoming for BIPOC community members, beginning in February, 2021. This is a small step toward addressing the inequality of accessible training opportunities in our current mental health care system where therapy and training have been primarily the provenance of white and otherwise more privileged people.

I am a white, cisgender, heterosexual woman. I use the pronouns she, her and hers. I am a senior faculty member of AEDP Institute with a special love for teaching, leading, supervising in Core Training.

While I am a faculty member and as such I am in a position of leadership and relative implicit and explicit power, when we are in Core Training, by design, much of the learning comes from peers – that’s why I love this course. You are my teachers as well as I am yours. We will be co-participants in this intimate learning. I will be, explicitly, both student and faculty.

My goal for this Core Training is to create as much safety as possible for the best learning experience possible. I know that – especially given the vulnerability inherent in sharing session videos – this can add stress for participants. As a (white) faculty member I will be there to teach you what I and we, AEDP faculty, researchers, members, believe is the largely universal practice of AEDP. As leader of this Core Training I plan to include some processes, together with you, for normalizing regular check-ins around issues of power and race, so we can together see how each person is feeling and doing regarding not only the material, but the experience of being in a majority BIPOC group, and being in a majority BIPOC group with a white teacher.

In this time of the Pandemic I have wondered how I would offer my favorite type of learning which is Core Training. It has always been in my office, a small intimate group where we get to be together for a weekend at a time and really develop our trust of each other and our trust in our own work. We ended each year with a final dinner in my home. This is not possible at the present moment and I say this with great sadness. 

Although ZOOM has been tiring for all of us at times, I feel grateful to know I can use this platform and, with the help of all the participants we can create an intimate atmosphere – the only thing we will miss is shared snacks!

Building Toward AEDP Certification

Like Immersion, Essential Skills, Advanced Skills and Supervision, Core Training counts towards AEDP Certification. It provides a rich learning environment that maximizes safety while encouraging you to stretch and grow by sharing videotapes of your clinical work in a group supervision setting. 

As part of the AEDP Certification Track, Core Training is designed to help therapists learn the depth and intricate details of the AEDP model, which may seem intuitively resonant and can at first appear to be deceptively simple. Yet in practice, AEDP can be profound and is complex. In Core Training, challenging areas of applying AEDP clinically will be brought into focus for study and practice.

We will utilize the maps and schemas that underlie AEDP to help understand choice points in the unfolding process of transformation. We will highlight the specific characteristics of AEDP that shine in your work. We will aim to help each therapist become proficient in the practice of AEDP, while helping you evoke your own therapist-at-best. In this way, you will be offered an experience of “receiving AEDP while learning AEDP.”

Aims and Benefits of 6 Person Core Training / Shared Supervision

This particular Core Training will be conducted over 5 weekends – Saturdays & Sundays. It will be a small group of 6 members. Each weekend begins with a didactic presentation including a video which will amplify the essential skills of AEDP. Then, each participant will have fifty minutes for shared supervision. The primary focus for the group will be clinical consultation and skill building. 

These supervisions are NOT evaluations of the therapist’s performance; rather they ARE a shared sampling of work from which we can all learn as we focus on the principles of AEDP and process the experience of “being with” together. We will set the course and the tone of our work together as a group learning to track our patients closely and determining the next possible therapeutic intervention for a future session in response to what we hear and see. (That wonderful feeling of a redo).

The shared supervision in this group is a wonderful, rich way of learning. The concentrated and intensive time that the members of the group spend together fosters a SUPPORTIVE and  SAFE environment in which to show and share your work. You will have the distinct privilege of multiple pairs of eyes and ears, multiple hearts and minds to help you with your work. You also will have the ability to see and be with many different styles of working, different voices and talents which will inspire you to explore and expand your own. 

Working with a small group of just 6 participants allows me to share a write-up of the supervision after each weekend with each member of the group. This helps each participant’s work to stay with me and stay with them; each participant leaves the weekend knowing all they have accomplished as well as what their growing AEDP edge is.

My own experience as a participant and leader in Core Training is that after I have shared my work in this way, I have a troupe of colleagues. They (perhaps you!) are with me during my sessions. This collective energy and wisdom has allowed me to feel less alone and more grounded in my work. I am honored and excited to begin this process again with a new group.

Application and Group Make-up 

Please complete an application (downloadable, below). Email your completed application to the Institute at as soon as you can so the Institute and I can review and get back to you – possibly with a phone conversation as the next step. Core Training is just one of many ways to continue your training in AEDP; the application and follow-up email or phone call will help us determine whether or not it is a right next step for you.

It is my goal to create a group of majority BIPOC therapists who have had somewhat similar AEDP experience / training to date as it helps create an ease in coming together as a group. This particular Core Training is expected to consist of AEDPers who have been videotaping for some time, and who have had at least some supervision in addition to completing both Immersion and Essential Skills.

Daily Schedule:

In our group of 6 participants, each weekend, 3 people will present on each day. Saturdays will run longer than Sundays as the didactic learning will be on Saturdays.

Saturdays we will start at 9 am Eastern with the didactic portion running until 10:15, followed by 3 fifty-minute supervision sessions plus time to process; we will end at 2 PM. Stretch breaks will be built in and of course feel free to eat breakfast and/or lunch while we work.

Sundays we will also start at 9 am Eastern. We’ll have 3 fifty-minute supervision sessions and processing and breaks and end by 1pm.

Course Dates and Times:

A 5-weekend commitment is required.

5 weekends, Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm, Sundays 9 am – 1 pm (Eastern)

Module 1: March 27 & 28, 2021
Module 2: April 24 & 25, 2021
Module 3: May 22 & 23, 2021
Module 4: June 19 & 20, 2021
Module 5: July 31 & August 1, 2021

Training Location: Online

Meet the Trainer for Core Training #1

Jeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA

Jeanne NewhouseJeanne Newhouse, NCPsyA, is a licensed psychoanalyst who has been in private practice in New York City since 1988. Jeanne began the practice of helping and healing from a body-based model.

She is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. She created a movement therapy program for the Smithers Institute, a residential treatment facility for substance abuse in New York City where she worked for six years. During that time she completed a master's degree in Motor Learning at Teachers College in New York City. As Jeanne worked with patients with chronic, physical pain, she recognized that healing the heart and soul was an integral part of healing the physical body. Hoping to put the two modalities together, she began a four-year training program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy from which she graduated in 1988.

Jeanne was introduced to the work of Dr. Diana Fosha in 2005, who seemed in her work to be touching her patients without putting her hands on them, combining the wisdom of the body with the intelligence of the mind. She took Immersion 2006 and then 3-plus years of Core Training with Dr. Eileen Russell and 3 years of supervision with Natasha Prenn, LCSW.

In 2015 Jeanne became a Faculty member of the AEDP Institute. She has been part of the Essential Skills (ES1) courses since their inception and has "helmed" ES1 in North Carolina, New York, & Online.

Jeanne has recently added integrative Hypnosis to her knowledge / skill base as well as having completed the first stage of training at the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Maryland with Dr. Jim Gordan.

Jeanne's current interests run from creativity and imagination's role in therapy to the musicality of therapy and intentional language as well as the idea of deliberate practice where good therapy is not an accident.

Jeanne has a clinical practice in New York City and is also available for individual and group supervision.

Continuing Education Credits, TBA

This event will be co-sponsored by our CE partner, R. Cassidy Seminars

Satisfactory Completion
Participants must have attended the entire course and completed an evaluation to receive a certificate. Partial credit is not available.

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