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AEDP Therapist and Supervisor Certification Guidelines – How To Apply For AEDP Certification

We are here to support every candidate in reaching their goal of excelling as an AEDP therapist and we recognize that individuals learn at different paces, begin training in AEDP with diverse skill sets, and have a variety of previous clinical experiences. The Immersion course and Individual Supervision are the foundational requirements for Certification. The rest of your training and supervision depends on what best meets your needs. We strongly encourage you to discuss your path to Certification with an AEDP Certified Supervisor.

In addition to completing the prerequisite training and supervision, the following are required when you apply for AEDP Certification:

  • State licensure or certification in your discipline – copy to be submitted with certification materials.
  • Achievement of Level 3 AEDP Training (see Training Levels)
  • After achieving Level 3 AEDP Training, you must work with a supervisor for an additional minimum of 10 hours to confirm your readiness for Certification and to develop your materials for AEDP Certification submission: Two case reviews including videotaped material as well as transcript of each case and a micro-analysis of each videotape, annotating the AEDP principles and interventions applied in the clinical psychotherapy sessions.
    • Please note: by the time you complete this step you must have been supervised by at least two Certified Supervisors, one of whom should be faculty.
  • Once your individual supervisor determines that you are proficient in AEDP therapy and that your submission is ready for review, they will submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf and you will submit your materials to the AEDP Certification Committee.

Please note: clinicians who have completed Level 3 training and wish to apply for AEDP Certification often require more than the minimum supervision described above to achieve proficiency.

When you are ready to proceed with your application for AEDP Certification

You can access the materials used by both applicant and reviewer below.  These documents are to be used with your supervisor as you develop your application.

Folder 1: AEDP Certification Applicant and Applicant’s Supervisor Documents

Click to Download Certification Guidelines 1: Are You Ready?

Click to Download Certification Guidelines 2: Therapist Guidelines

Click to Download Certification Guidelines 3: Examples of Clinical Interventions

Folder 2: AEDP Certification Reviewer Guidelines 

Click to Download Reviewer Guidelines 1: Faculty and Supervisors What to Do

Click to Download Reviewer Guidelines 2: What Reviewers Will Be Looking For

Click to Download Reviewer Guidelines 3: Reviewer’s Worksheet

Folder 3: AEDP Certified Supervisor Guidelines

Click to Download Certified Supervisor Guidelines 1: Minimum Requirements

Click to Download Certified Supervisor Guidelines 2: Paper Requirements

Click to Download Reviewer’s Guidelines for Certified Supervisor Candidacy

If you have any questions, please contact the AEDP Administrator.