AEDP Institute

Diversity Scholarships (D.S.) Award Criteria and Application

Note: If you self-Identify as a Black mental health professional please refer to the AEDP Institute ‘pay-what-you-wish’ pilot program on the course page.

Diversity Application Process

Diversity Scholarships are intended for candidates who 1) meet either (A) or (B) diversity criteria below and 2) have financial needs such that they could not take a particular AEDP training without a Diversity Scholarship.

Diversity Criteria

A) belong to one or more socially marginalized groups, i.e., ethnic/racial minorities, gender and sexual orientation minorities, or immigrants OR B) work for underserved, socially marginalized and/or financially struggling patient populations.

We encourage you to apply if you think you meet the criteria for a Diversity Scholarship.

Please note:

1) Registering for a course before Diversity Scholarships are awarded does not ensure a scholarship.
2) Diversity Scholarships are not one-time only scholarships; eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for multiple training sessions.
3) People who hold marginalized identities will be prioritized.

Click HERE for the application. *To apply, please answer ALL of the questions in sequence to support your application for a scholarship to this course. We will not process applications that do not answer all questions.*