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Diversity Scholarships (D.S.) Award Criteria

Application Process

Candidates are encouraged to apply if: (1) they have financial needs such that they could not take a particular AEDP training without a Diversity Scholarship; (2) they work for underserved, financially struggling patient populations. A primary goal of giving AEDP Diversity Scholarships is to make AEDP Training more available to therapist applicants who belong to marginalized groups, i.e., ethnic/racial minorities, sexual orientation minorities and immigrants. Socio-economic disadvantage is considered a legitimate and distinct condition, which may be linkedto other diversity criteria, when applications are assessed.

Before you start writing your personal essay, please go through the questions
below.. If you answer “yes” to all relevant questions, you should definitely apply.

  • Are you working at a hospital or community agency?
  • Are you serving the underserved patient populations?
  • If you’re in private practice, are you seeing the underserved patient populations? (e.g. Pt’s on Medicaid, immigrants without insurance)
    • if yes, what’s the approximate percentage of your underserved patient populations?
  • When you check in with yourself authentically, do you honestly feel a financial need of scholarship?

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Application Deadlines and Notification Dates by course:


Boston (Oct 9 – 13, 2018)
Award Notification Begins: Ongoing


Skills Courses

ES1 Los Angeles Winter/Spring 2019 (January 17 & May 2, 2019)
Award Notification Begins: November 7, 2018

ES1 Retreat-Style Course in London, UK  (December 2018 / April 2019)
Award Notification Begins: September 7, 2018


ES2 NYC (January to May 2019)
Award Notification Begins: November 11, 2018

ES2 San Francisco Bay Area (January 24 – 29 & May 30 – June4, 2019)
Award Notification Begins: November 24, 2018



No Seminars at this time