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Diversity Scholarships (D.S.) Award Criteria and Application

Note: If you self-Identify as a Black mental health professional please refer to the AEDP Institute ‘pay-what-you-wish’ pilot program on the course page.


Diversity Application Process

Diversity Scholarships are intended for candidates who 1) meet either (A) or (B) diversity criteria below and 2) have financial needs such that they could not take a particular AEDP training without a Diversity Scholarship.


Diversity Criteria

(A) belong to one or more socially marginalized groups, i.e., ethnic/racial minorities, gender and sexual orientation minorities, or immigrants.


B) work for underserved, socially marginalized and/or financially struggling patient populations.


We encourage you to apply if you think you meet the criteria for a Diversity Scholarship.


Personal Essay

Before you start writing your personal essay, please go through the questions below.

  • Do you have financial needs such that you could not take a particular AEDP training without a Diversity Scholarship and:
  • Are you a member of socially marginalized groups (racial/ethnic, sexual/gender orientation, or immigrant)?
  • Are you working at a hospital or community agency?
  • Are you serving many underserved, socially marginalized patient populations in your private practice?

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