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Diversity Scholarships (D.S.) Award Criteria

A limited number of Diversity Scholarships (DS), 25%, 50% and 75% are available and awarded based on the criteria related to diversity and financial need (see application protocol) and then on a first come first served basis. We encourage you to get your application in as early as possible.

All prospective trainees who have financial needs such that they could not take AEDP training without DS, are encouraged to apply. Those applicants who are ethnic/racial minority, sexual orientation minority, immigrants, and/or who work for underserved, financially struggling patient populations are given priority in receiving the DS. Socio-economic disadvantage is considered a legitimate and distinct diversity category while at the same time linked to other diversity categories.

Application Process
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Application Deadlines and Notification Dates by course:


San Diego (Aug 8-12, 2018)
Award Notification Begins: June 6

Boston (Oct 9 – 13, 2018)
Award Notification Begins: August 8


Skills Courses

ES1 NY Summer/Winter (August 9 & December 6 2018)
Award Notification Begins: June 6

ES1 Los Angeles Winter/Spring 2019 (January 17 & May 2, 2019)
Award Notification Begins: November 7, 2018


ES2 Vancouver / Denver (July 6-10 & Nov 30 – Dec 4, 2018)

Award Notification Begins: Ongoing



No Seminars at this time