EALC Application

  • Please tell us the country where you work and are licensed.
  • The role of EA is for mental health care professionals in the field of psychotherapy or similar professions. Tell us what type of license you have - choose from below, or complete the "other" option
  • In addition to Immersion and Essential Skills (ES1), you should have completed some supervision AND/OR some core training AND/OR some Advanced Skills such that a supervisor or Advanced Skills EA would recommend you to be an Immersion EA Or, ask for an exception - and please explain. Thank you!
  • Certain courses will include some participants who prefer to do experiential work in other languages other than English. Please tell us about your proficiency in English and in other languages.
  • **This information will be used ONLY to enhance diversity among EAs in our courses. ** Please tell us whatever you want us to know about your social identities and, if you wish, the identities of the clients you serve.