DRAFT: Course Training for Experiential Assistants

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DATE TBD: Friday, February 11, 2022 | 12:00 -2:00 pm Eastern Time USA + Canada

Members of the EALC, who are already Experiential Assistants or on their way to becoming one, are invited to attend. This live online class is an opportunity to learn and commune with other AEDP Assistants!

Course Description (2 hours)



  • Assistant Guidelines
  • The structure of the experiential group
  • How to co-create a safe and authentic environment in which participants can share themselves
  • Staying mindful and emotionally present
  • Online meeting rooms; the main meeting room, breakout rooms and the chat room
  • Technical considerations
  • Experiential exercises: assisting the therapist, assisting the client and assisting the witness
  • Establishing safety
  • Leading the process at the end of each Afternoon
  • Supporting each other as assistants
  • Review of Interventions: State One, Two, Three & Four and defenses
  • And more!

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