Essential Skills (ES1) Five Modules: July – December 2021; with Ronald Frederick, PhD

and AEDP Faculty Guest Presenters

This live online Essential Skills course is being presented in Five Modules (4 hr. days).

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Dates: Friday – Monday | July – December, 2021

Times: Daily (4 hour days)
Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Course Level: Intermediate

Who the Essential Skills Course is for: This course is open to licensed professionals who have completed AEDP Immersion.

Course Overview: AEDP Essential Skills course will provide practical skills for the application of AEDP as well as a thorough immersion in the theory underlying the practice. Our aim is to teach, in both left-brained and right-brained ways, different types of clinical interventions so that participants will emerge with both an understanding and a felt sense of how to “do” AEDP. Each day’s teaching will include didactic presentations of theory along with video of actual sessions conducted by AEDP Faculty followed by small group experiential exercises.

Instructional Methodology: AEDP skills are introduced with their theoretical foundations and then with illustrations by way of clinical videotapes; skills are then practiced in group experiential exercises. In online courses, exceptionally effective experiential exercises are held in online “breakout rooms.”

Faculty, Experiential Assistants and Clinical Video: These are the hallmarks of all AEDP trainings. In AEDP, we pride ourselves in how thoroughly and deeply we seek to both undo professional aloneness and engage in rigorous clinical teaching.  Our faculty are excellent as academics, clinicians and teachers. Participants deeply appreciate how effectively faculty presenters’ clinical video demonstrates “AEDP in action.” And faculty have skilled accompaniment from a large number of Experiential Assistants – up to and often including one Experiential Assistant for every four participants. Participants rave about the excellent attention and support they receive in this unique learning environment.

To see a listing of AEDP therapists who act as Experiential Assistants, click here.

Course Summary

Course Objectives



Topics and Faculty by Module

AEDP Senior Faculty, Ronald Frederick, PhD will teach modules 1 & 5 and serve to ensure continuity across modules. 

Module 1 taught by course helm Ronald Frederick, PhD | July 23-26, 2021
HEALING FROM THE GET GO! The ABC’s of AEDP including our Transformance stance, moment to moment tracking, & experiencing over explaining.
1b: THE CLINICAL ROADMAP OF AEDP We are a 4-State Model with intentional experiential language for AEDP interventions.

Module 2 taught by AEDP Faculty Member Karen Kranz, PhD | August 20-23, 2021
AEDP AND ATTACHMENT  Using AEDP’s relational focus to build, renovate & reconstruct a secure therapeutic attachment.
2b: STATE 1: THE TOP OF THE TRIANGLE Working with Anxiety and Defense

Module 3 taught by course AEDP Faculty Member Kari Gleiser, PhD | October 1-4, 2021
STATE 2: EXPANDED ADAPTIVE AND MALADAPTIVE CORE AFFECT How we recognize these Affects and what we do.
3b: METAPROCESSING – AN AEDP HALLMARK Capitalizing on the experience in the room to integrate and cement transformational processes.

Module 4 taught by: Richard Harrison, PhD | November 5-8, 2021
4a: STATE 1, DEFENSES, IN DETAIL  Transforming resistance and high anxiety.
4b: STATE 2 TO STATE 3: EMOTION PROCESSING AND PORTRAYALS How to access, deepen and process core affect to completion.

Module 5 taught by course helm Ronald Frederick, PhD | December 10-13, 2021
STATE 3 TO STATE 4: TRANSFORMANCE   Working with Transformational affects and core state
5b: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Reviewing and metaprocessing together what we’ve learned.

Course Location | Dates | Times

Location: Live Online and highly interactive
AEDP’s Live, Online Learning: Requirements & FAQ’s

Times: Daily (4 hour days)
Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Dates: Friday – Monday | July – December, 2021

Module 1 July 23-26, 2021
Module 2 August 20-23, 2021
Module 3 October 1-4, 2021
Module 4 November 5-8, 2021
Module 5 December 10-13, 2021

Registration Fee | Scholarships | CE

Non-Member Course Fee $3,200 USD  One time payment
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Member Course Fee$3,150 USD  One time payment
$3,200 USD  Payment plan: $500 due at registration – Call Karen Newell 866-992-9399

This course is open to licensed professionals who have completed AEDP Immersion.

This program is generally eligible for 75 CE. REALLY IMPORTANT: The boards require that you attend the entire course to receive CE. Read more below.

This course is sold out. Please email to add your name to the waitlist.


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Meet the Faculty:

Course Helm: Ronald Frederick, PhD

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Continuing Education: This program is generally eligible for 75 CE hours of continuing professional development credit.* Participants must have paid course fee, attended the entire course and completed an evaluation to receive CE. RCassidy, is our CE partner and will provide CE certificates. In addition a certificate of completion will be provides by the AEDP Institute. Partial credit is not available.

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Disability Access: If you require ADA accommodations please contact our office 30 days Or more before the event. We cannot ensure accommodations without adequate prior notification

Attendance and Makeup Policy & Refunds:

Certification: Completion of this course does not guarantee certification. To be eligible for AEDP Certification, clinicians must demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical model and proficiency in applying AEDP interventions to diverse clinical populations, and an overall commitment to the AEDP mission, ethos and values. Certification requirements.


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