AEDP Institute

Advanced Skills (ES2) LA 2020 – Lodging

Familian Campus
15600 Mulholland Drive
Bel Air, CA 90077
Kosher breakfast provided by AEDP included in the cost of the training.
Lunch and dinner are on your own.

Deadline for reservations:
Week One: March 12, 2020
Week Two: September 17, 2020

Simple dormitory lodging options:
Single: $110 per night (one guest only)
Double: $130 per night (there must be two guests at the time of booking – $65 per person. Important! If your roommate cancels you will be responsible to pay the price of a single room.
Wifi, parking space, gym access included.

How to Reserve Lodging:

Please click Single Room or Double Room button below to submit registration information

Payments: Actual Credit Card payment will be taken/processed by AJU (not AEDP). Credit card authorization will be required before the booking deadline(s) – you will receive an email with instructions prior to that deadline.
Note: You will not need to pay tax on the lodging cost. Absolutely NO refunds once payment has been made.

Double Room Registration



How many Rooms are available:
50 (reserved on a 1st come 1st serve basis)

When will I know the room number:  When you arrive

Where do I check in: Stay Tuned

How will I know that my/our room is confirmed:
Once you have submitted all information required you will receive a confirmation that your submission was successful.  Your room is NOT guaranteed until we check availability after your submission.

What will the room look like: It's simple dormitory lodging. See picture below .

Can I switch rooms after I arrive: Once your room has been assigned, it cannot be changed.

Can I make a reservation after the course has started: If there are rooms available, yes.

Can I make reservations for both Week One (Jan) and Week Two (May) at the same time: Yes

Can I cancel my stay after I've arrived: Yes but you may be responsible to pay for one night's stay.

How many bathrooms to one room: One

When?Where will my credit card be charged? By AJU accounting staff after arrival.

Is the Campus Kosher: The food served on campus is Kosher. You may though bring non-kosher food on campus.

Are meals included with the lodging:
A kosher breakfast will be provided by the Institute for all course registrants. Lunch and dinner on your own.

AJU Dormroom