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LIVE WEBINAR: David Mars – Online

AEDP for Couples: Micro-movement, Gesture and Body Cues that Accelerate Trauma Treatment in Individuals and Couples

Online webinar through GAINS

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November 14, 2018
8:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) 

Join David Mars, Ph.D., MFT, as he leads us on an exploration to clarify and demonstrate how initially unconscious movement in individual treatment sessions can provide an access point for the acceleration of therapeutic work. David will make use of clinical video and didactic presentation to bring particular focus to change-moments in treatment, highlighting shifts in cognitive, energetic and relational awareness that move trauma treatment forward with momentum.

David draws from a wide range of research including the work of Bud Craig, Jaak Panksepp, Allan Shore, Antonio Damasio and others in order to substantiate the brain centers that underlie spontaneous body movement and its relationship to cognition and consciousness. Throughout his presentation, David will make ongoing reference to areas such as the anterior cingulate, the left and right insula, and the orbito-frontal cortex. David’s rich and artful clinical work leads his clients to be able to integrate and embody affect that was formerly inaccessible to consciousness.

Webinar participants will witness the way the “unthought known” (Bollas) is revealed through subtle and overt gesture and movement of the limbs, hands, eyes, head and trunk in ways that reveal underlying awareness, discernment, meaning and closely held values that, once accessed, can guide daily life.”

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Meet the Presenter

David Mars, M.F.T., Ph.D.

davidmars-copyDavid Mars, Ph.D. is the developer of AEDP For Couples. He has specialized in the somatically focused treatment of couples and groups for four decades, as an innovator in developing process-oriented, somatically, and empathically focused couple treatment. David has trained, supervised and consulted with Dr. Diana Fosha, the originator of AEDP since 2005.

David develops and presents training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally that focus on the AEDP for Couples model.  He is the lead supervisor of the AEDP for Couples Core Training.  He teaches at AEDP Immersion Courses, the Essential Skills Program and leads two ongoing AEDP for Couples supervision groups.  He is one of the founders of AEDP West. David is also on the adjunct faculty of the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco where he infused AEDP into his teaching of courses on the Clinical Relationship.

David’s style as a presenter is described as inspiring, warm and deeply personable.   He quickly evokes trust from his audiences, which ushers in a deep level of transparent exchange of ideas and points of view about how therapists can more effectively treat the historical trauma and deprivation that underlies marital dysfunction.  Perhaps most importantly, participants are moved to apply what they learn in these training programs, due to the depth of experience they take in while witnessing videos, live demonstrations and engaging in experiential practices.

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8:00 am - 9:00 am