AEDP in Clinical Action: Becoming Transformance Detectives and Facilitating Healing Change

Sweden AEDP in Clinical Action:
Becoming Transformance Detectives and Facilitating Healing Change

Sweden Workshop with Diana Fosha, PhD and Ron Frederick, PhD.

Thursday, October 9 – Friday, October 10, 2014 9am – 5pm

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About this workshop:

The aim of this two day workshop will be to teach participants with some background in AEDP some skill sets required to do AEDP interventions. We will specifically focused on what is central to AEDP, i.e., transformance and the focus on healing from the get-go, and we will deconstruct the clinical process and show how to bring these concepts to life in YOUR day to day clinical situations.

Our teaching will be informed by both left-brained and right-brained mediated principles of experience and reflection, theory and practice, seeing and doing, witnessing and participating. Different skill sets underlying AEDP interventions will be introduced each day by the faculty: the morning of each day will be devoted to theoretical foundations lectures & videotape presentations, with a skill-based focus; the afternoons will be reserved for group experiential exercises, practicing the skills taught in the morning. The day will come to completion with mall and large group discussions to meta-process participants’ experiences in the workshop.

Workshop participants will experience the two aspects of AEDP training:

–teaching from AEDP clinical videotapes, with a focus on moment-to-moment tracking and precise phenomenology-based AEDP interventions; and
–practicing AEDP, i.e., having the experience of AEDP –giving it and receiving it — through experiential exercises that the participants will engage in.

A bit more about this workshop:

This workshop is being sponsored by SAPU, a Stockholm-based Swedish organization that has a long history of commitment to teaching and training therapists in Sweden in affect-focused models and techniques, and where AEDP has been taught for the last decade. We are proud to have SAPU as the sponsor of AEDP teaching and training in Sweden.

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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