AEDP Southwest Workshop • Natasha Prenn, LCSW

I second that emotion!
What do I say, how do I say it and then what do I do?!

The nuts and bolts of AEDP, including self-disclosing and metaprocessing, of course!
An AEDP Southwest workshop with Natasha Prenn, LCSW

Natasha will present her two great passions: how to teach and learn the experiential language of AEDP and how to use self-disclosure to facilitate secure attachment relationships and deepen the therapeutic work.

This workshop teaches the experiential language of AEDP and offers a user-friendly AEDP protocol with specific interventions for each phase of the work. As clinicians make the shift from the language of the left-brain and thinking to the right-brain and the body, there is a very real gap between the theory and practice of an experiential treatment.

Natasha will provide intervention hand-outs with actual words and phrases to bridge that gap, deepen the work and engender secure attachment moment-to-moment and session-to-session. Natasha will present video examples of all the different skills and show examples of self-disclosure and its metaprocessing to demonstrate this most effective and challenging AEDP relational intervention.

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9:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Albuquerque Museum in Historic Old Town
2000 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM

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