Cape Cod Workshop • Ron Frederick, PhD

Emotional Mindfulness, Connection, and Healing: An Integrative, Experiential Approach

The ability to mindfully experience, regulate, and respond to one’s feelings is essential to mental health and well-being. Yet problems managing emotion abound and play a central role in most psychiatric disorders. How can we best help so many of our clients who, regardless of diagnosis, have difficulty being present with and making good use of their emotional experience?

Drawing on current findings in the areas of affective neuroscience, attachment, and neuroplasticity, “Emotional Mindfulness” provides a conceptual framework through which we can more readily identify, understand, and help cultivate the skills of affective competence. This workshop will illustrate how our emotional development can go awry, but how, through clinical interventions in which emotions are experienced as positive and free from fear, we can help clients develop essential capacities, stimulate and strengthen new neural pathways, and restore vitality and well-being.

Grounded in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a healing oriented model of therapy, and incorporating components of current experiential, relational, mindfulness-based, and cognitive-behavioral therapies, the presenter will introduce a proven four-step, approach to emotional mindfulness that can be integrated into any treatment orientation. Dr. Frederick will illustrate practical and powerful techniques for: 1) Increasing awareness, 2) Reducing anxiety and fear, 3) Developing emotional competence, and 4) Expanding one’s capacity for expression and reception. Through demonstration, video clips, and experiential exercises, you will learn how to integrate these strategies into your practice and help clients develop skills they can apply in their daily lives—thus accelerating their therapeutic progress. You will leave this workshop with a toolkit to help you and your clients overcome fear, open up to a richer emotional experience, and realize a broader range of personal and relational possibilities.

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9:00 am - 12:15 pm


Cape Cod Institute
100 Cable Road
Eastham, Massachusetts

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