Dreaming Hope: AEDP and the Natural Creativity of the Sleeping Self

an Advanced Skills and Supervision Workshop at the YWCA in Vancouver, British Columbia

with Miriam Marsolais, PhD

In this daylong seminar Dr. Miriam Marsolais, a Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst and Faculty member of the AEDP Institute, hopes to inspire and offer guidance for therapists wishing to access the exquisitely rich and subtle treasury of patients’ dreams in service of transformation and healing.

Dr. Marsolais will summarize recent neuroscientific research on the role of sleep and dreams in processing intense emotional experience. Drawing upon her Jungian roots, she will show how AEDP’s theoretical and clinical framework lays the groundwork for effective, transformative application of this research in trauma treatment. Using videotape of her work, she will demonstrate how AEDP taps into the deep wells of resilience of the sleeping mind and how dream experience can be accessed through AEDP to facilitate healing from complex, early relational trauma.

Dr. Marsolais’ deep engagement with dream experience began when she recognized in her own dreams the seeds of emotional recovery from a nearfatal burn injury. Her consequent three decades of work with dreams and trauma treatment has led to her conviction that dreams are intimate expressions of our mind’s natural creativity that, when processed in conjunction with AEDP, open new pathways to healing, to intimacy in relationships and to a life rich with meaning.

This daylong training will be useful for those who are experienced in AEDP as well as those who are attending for the first time.

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Fee and Credits

  • Fee:  $185* + $9.25 GST = $194.25
  • Early Bird:  (Before Oct. 10)  $150 + $7.50 GST = $157.50
  • Full-time student:  $125 + $6.25 GST = $131.25
  • Group** rate: $135 + 6.75 GST = $141.75

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This program is eligible for CE Hours of continuing education credit through our co-sponsor R. Cassidy Seminars. To view the CE accreditation statement click here.  CE Credits are included in the course fee. For our cancellation/refund policy click here.

Questions about this Workshop?

Contact Sarah Kennedy or Dale Trimble

Event Details:


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


YWCA - 4th Floor
535 Hornby Street Welch Room
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 2E8

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