Essential Skills Retreat Style Course 2015-2016: Week 1 of 2 • New York

at the New York Open Center

with Benjamin Lipton at the helm

Schedule of Events

Day 1: Sunday, August 23: Welcome and Orientation
with Benjamin Lipton, LCSW
Walking the talk of AEDP, we’ll jumpstart our week of learning with a fun and engaging evening designed to foster connection and build safety from the get-go.

Day 2: Monday, August 24: Healing from the Get Go
with Benjamin Lipton, LCSW
Transformance–the wired in motivational force toward healing–is the bedrock of AEDP theory and practice.  Today we will learn the ways in which Transformance informs the AEDP therapeutic stance and fundamental technique of moment-to-moment tracking.  We will use this knowledge along with the technical roadmap of the 4 State/3 State Transformation model to begin to facilitate the processing of emotional and relational experiences.

Day 3: Tuesday, August 25, 2015: What do I say, how do I say it and then what do I do?
with Natasha Prenn, LCSW
We will learn entry points: how and when to intervene using the  ‘experiential language’ of AEDP, and we will explore the use of self and self-disclosure to deepen the work and foster safety and connection in all our therapeutic dyads.

Day 4: Wednesday, August 26, 2015: Building, Renovating, and Reconstructing a Secure Therapeutic Attachment: It’s Not a Once and For All Kind of Deal
with Eileen Russell, PhD
This day we will look at how to build a secure therapeutic attachment from the beginning of treatment and beyond.  The ongoing security of that attachment depends on each in the dyad to grow and change to accommodate greater risk taking, intimacy, safety, and exploration at deeper levels of vulnerability.

Day 5: Thursday, August 27, 2015: Working with Defense and Anxiety in AEDP: When Defenses Don’t Melt and Anxiety Doesn’t Dissipate
with Diana Fosha, PhD
This module will focus on how to work with defenses and inhibitory affects to promote access to State 2 core affective experience. You’ll learn how to use the Triangle of Experience to make sense of clinical phenomena and guide your choice of interventions. We will expand our repertoire of interventions for anxiety regulation and for defense work in AEDP, learning about  bypassing, melting, validating and restructuring defenses.

Day 6: Friday, August 28: Integration in Action
with Benjamin Lipton, LCSW
We will explore the crucial role of Meta-therapeutic Processing (Metaprocessing for short) to foster and amplify the transformational power of explicitly reflecting upon the experience of change for the better.  Today we will add the reflective technique of Metaprocessing to the experientially driven techniques of emotion and relational processing that we have already developed this week in order to facilitate the anchoring of new therapeutic experiences in explicit awareness and memory.  Walking the talk of our week of learning, we will conclude our first week together by Metaprocessing our collective experience of all that we have learned over the past five days.

Week Two will happen in April, 2016. To see the info on this entire two week course, click here

Event Details:


08/23/2015 - 08/28/2015
All Day


The New York Open Center
22 E 30th Street
New York, New York

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