Healing Attachment Trauma: Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

An AEDP San Diego Workshop

with Ron J. Frederick, PhD

The ability to identity, experience, regulate, and respond to one’s emotions, capacities born out of our early attachment experiences, is essential to mental health and well-being. Yet problems managing emotion abound and play a central role in most of our client’s presenting problems.How can we best help so many of our clients who, regardless of diagnosis, have difficulty being present with and making good use of their emotional experience, and emotionally connecting with others?

Unique in its intimate, moment-to-moment way of working at the edge of relational experience, Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), an emotion-focused, attachment-based, neurobiology informed model of therapy, is ideally suited to transforming attachment-based trauma. This introductory workshop will focus on both the theory and technique of AEDP making extensive use of videotaped material to illustrate the concepts and techniques discussed. The speaker will illustrate how one’s emotional development can go awry, but how, when safety and security are catalyzed in the therapy relationship, innate emotions can be experienced as positive and free from fear, suffering can be transformed, resilience restored, and a broader range of personal and relational possibilities can be realized.

You’ll Learn To:

  • Formulate optimal, experiential use of the present-moment, relational experience to promote growth, resolve attachment trauma, and affect long-lasting change.
  • Specify ways to bypass defenses and facilitate the dyadic regulation of previously feared to be unbearable emotional experience.
  • Describe powerful techniques to rewire the brain and restore resilience that can be incorporated into any clinical practice.
  • Discuss ways to increase your own comfort with emotions and relational intimacy as well as your confidence and skill at helping clients navigate their own experiences.

Meet the Presenter

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Fee and Credits

  • Early Bird (Before January 22, 2016) – $165
  • Registration (After January 22, 2016) – $185
  • Student & Interns – $145
  • 6 CEU’s available – follow the link after hitting the “Register” button below for CEU registration.


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