Hong Kong Workshop • Diana Fosha, PhD

The Neurobiological Core Self & Recognition Processes in AEDP: Working with Dissociation from the Outside In

A Workshop at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building

with Diana Fosha, PhD.

Traditions of wisdom, East and West, have long recognized the innate wholeness and integrity of the self of the human being. That ancient wise “knowing” is now validated by cutting edge developments in affective neuroscience and the discovery of neurobiological core self, an integrated set of subcortical structures operating in coherent tandem deep in the center of the brain, interfacing with the environment through recognition processes. The implications of these findings for the treatment of disorders of the self, and especially trauma-induced dissociation, are profound.

Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a healing oriented transformation based model of psychotherapy, emphasizes harnessing the healing within to foster maximal neuroplasticity through its therapeutic methods.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How ancient wisdom of the innate wholeness of human self is validated by cutting edge developments in modern affective neuroscience
  • What are the key aspects of the “neurobiological core self” and how it operates as an integrated set of sub-cortical structures in the center of the brain
  • How this neurological discovery interfaces with the centrality of recognition processes in the treatment of disorders of the self and trauma-induced dissociation
  • What is Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and the phenomenology of the 4 states and 3 state transformations
  • What are the innovative experiential and attachment interventions in AEDP and how they can be used to establish safety, deepen connection and jump start transformations
  • How to use the patient’s experience of transformation to activate further healing and consolidation of therapeutic gains, and foster maximal neuroplasticity in human brain
  • AEDP’s hallmark techniques of dyadic affect regulation, healing-oriented emotion processing, and  meta-therapeutic processing through extensive audio-visually recorded actual therapy sessions.


To register, go to http://www.mhahk.org.hk or http://cpmh.mhahk.org.hk

For questions, please contact:
Kwok-wing Wu

Event Details:


All Day


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building
21 Pak Fuk Road
North Point, Hong Kong

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