Houston Workshop • Diana Fosha, PhD

Undoing Aloneness and Transforming Trauma 

With Diana Fosha, PhD.
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Workshop description

Aloneness in the face of overwhelming emotion is the epicenter of emotional suffering. Attempts to deal with it result in psychopathology that brings patients to seek help. Attachment is key to undoing that aloneness so that previously feared-to-be overwhelming emotions can be processed and thus trauma transformed. AEDP emphasizes the importance of experiential work with attachment, emotion and transformation. It leverages safety and connection within the therapist-client relationship to facilitate healing. AEDP is fearless in working with the experience of the patient-therapist attachment, moment-to-moment tracking and processing it rigorously.

This workshop will deepen your understanding of how attachment-based engagement allows experiential psychotherapeutic work to blossom and turbocharge neuroplasticity.

As you will learn in clinical videotapes, a hallmark of AEDP is explicit and experiential work with attachment and transformation as experiences, i.e., work at the healing edge of transformational experience. Experientially processing the positive affects that emerge in the wake of completed trauma and emotion-processing, AEDP systematically enhances vitality and energy for life as an integral part of its therapeutic methodology. And thus, the title of Diana’s presentation.

You will learn:

* How to foster a therapeutic attachment-based stance to facilitate affect regulation between therapist and client

* How to identify some of the signs and markers of neuroplasticity in clinical action

* Experiential techniques for working safely and deeply with relational experience

* Experiential techniques to help a client process intense emotional experiences

* How to identify some of the signs and markers of the moment-to-moment process of healing change

* The essential aspects of human environments and relationships that foster the emergence of transformance

* How to use the patient’s experience of transformation to activate further healing and consolidation of gains already made, i.e., how to put neuroplasticity in action

CE Credits

6 CEU’s included for clinical psychologists, LPC’s, LMFT’s and Social Workers

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Event Details:


8:30 am - 4:30 pm


The Westin Galleria
5060 West Alabama Street
Houston, Texas

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