MSPP Workshop • Diana Fosha, PhD

AEDP: SOLVING THE ENERGY CRISIS ONE TRANSFORMATION AT A TIME: Neuroplasticity through Dyadic & Experiential Work

With Diana Fosha, PhD.

Trauma brings with it an energy crisis: a shrinking of  life lived with zest, a depletion of resourcefulness. A fundamental goal of therapy, along with ameliorating symptoms and relieving suffering, is to restore vitality and energy, for they are fuel for life.  AEDP explores how dyadically regulating and fully processing the emotions of attachment trauma,  and then metaprocessing transformational experience, in the context of an emotionally engaged dyad, entrains a transformational process where we see neuroplasticity in action; suffering morphs into flourishing, contraction is motivationally reversed, and a re-orientation toward growth is brought about as we more and more vitality and energy come online.

This workshop will involve a theoretical presentation, and extensive use of videotaped clinical materials which will be moment-to-moment tracked and analyzed. Dyadic interaction between presenter and participants will be a major feature of this workshop.

For more information on this workshop please click here. Registration is closed. Questions? Email MSPP or call 617-244-1682.

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9:00 am - 4:30 pm


MSPP - Massachussetts School of Professional Psychology
One Wells Avenue
Newton, MA

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