New England Seminar • Eileen M. Russell, Ph.D.

Restoring Resilience Through AEDP: Working with Affect, the Body, and Relationship to Enliven Our Capacities for Healing and Becoming Whole

With Eileen M. Russell, Ph.D.

Registration 12:30pm
Seminar from 1:00-4:30
Light refreshments will be served at the break

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Is resilience even a clinically useful concept for clinicians? Don’t we see the people who don’t “bounce back?” Is building resilience all just a matter of acquiring skills that were missed along the way? Or might this be a more holistic endeavor that relies on something in the individual (or the system) that is already working on behalf of the self? This seminar will explore a way of understanding resilience that opens our minds and hearts to that resilient partner-in-healing that resides in each of our patients. Through videotape, Dr. Russell will show how the work of AEDP— highlighting affect, the body, and the therapeutic relationship, is focused on restoring resilience from the get-go. Her theory of resilience is detailed in her new book, Restoring Resilience: Transformative Therapy at Work, and shows how healing involves a movement from expressions of resilience as resistance to expressions of resilience as transformance, thriving, and flourishing.

Course Fee: $75

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1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library
33 Marrett Rd
Lexington, MA

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