Transforming Interlocking Trauma in a Couple: New Lives, New Selves Within in a Rediscovered Marriage

The AEDP for Couples Conference at Roosevelt Hospital, New York City with David Mars, Ph.D. and Diana Fosha, Ph.D. as Plenary Speaker

Please note the location change for Day 3 ONLY: 

The Court Hotel
130 E 39th Street (at Lexington Avenue)
New York, NY 10016 

Meeting Room: “Stage 5” – 2nd floor of hotel, directly across from the elevator.

Saturday & Sunday, October 17th & 18th, 2015 with a Day-Long Group Supervision on Monday, October 19th, 2015

You’ve heard the buzz about AEDP for Couples as a powerful model for healing couple trauma. Now come experience it for yourself!

Come learn about it and see how it can transform your practice. Witness how a dyadically and triadically-held transformational focus both heals past trauma and creates new experience.

On Day 1, learn how AEDP for Couples experientially and somatically activates healing, and see how it works on clinical videotapes documenting one couple’s journey over time.

On Day 2, become part of the transformative process in an unique experience of AEDP for Couples Community Healing, as the couple joins us live, to share their experiences and reflect on their journey. We will all engage in a process that creates safety and makes creative use of the conference participants’ genuine experiences to amplify the healing transformation of the couple and of the two individuals within it.

About AEDP for Couples

While working to heal existing wounds within the couple, AEDP for Couples is neither problem-oriented nor deficit-based. AEDP for Couples looks intently for what is right, just, and caring in the way each partner gives love. AEDP gets right to the heart of the attachment longings that exist for each partner. The AEDP for Couples therapist affirms and guides each of the partners to attune and respond to the other without shame or blame. The therapy occurs in an environment where healthy relational risks can be taken and where new moments of nourishing each other are celebrated.  Thus, a broken marriage can be transformed, with a new secure marriage forged out of these new experiences.

Powerful and unique aspects of AEDP for Couples include:

  • from the get-go, the emphasis on the experience of felt love as a key agent of change in couples work;
  • the use of the self of the therapist in transformative work with severely and chronically traumatized couples; and
  • the focus on healing attachment trauma in the couple as well as in both individuals within.

You will witness how dyadic, experiential and somatically based AEDP work comes to life as all dyads in the room are engaged: husband and wife, therapist and husband, therapist and wife.  Equipped as a transformance detective, the AEDP for Couples therapist helps clients to realize the healing potential of their attachment relationship.

Day 1: Saturday, October 17th, 2015 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Transforming Interlocking Histories of Abuse and Neglect

Day 1 will be devoted to presenting fundamentals of the AEDP model and of AEDP for Couples in the morning, to be followed by an afternoon of immersion in videotapes of AEDP couples work. The videotapes will illustrate the deep healing of a couple whose interlocking individual trauma histories (respective histories of abuse and neglect) traumatized their marriage and each other, and brought them to seek treatment.

Diana Fosha Ph.D., the developer of AEDP, will launch Day 1 with the Plenary Address focused on AEDP’s fundamental action of undoing aloneness and experientially privileging dyadically-processed transformational experiences equally turbo-charges couples work.  Diana will weave in neurobiological research on neuroplasticity, Porges’s polyvagal theory, attachment and emotion theories, as well as her own work on the role of recognition processes and the positive affects that accompany, energize and vitalize AEDP work. The plenary will establish the theoretical foundations for the clinical and experiential work that will follow.

David Mars, Ph.D., the developer of AEDP for Couples, will then present the fundamentals of the AEDP for Couples model, its theory and practice. The work will show how the AEDP for Couples therapy, using the experience of felt love from the get-go, goes about undoing the aloneness of each member of the couple, while also simultaneously working to transform marital interactions.

The entire afternoon of Day 1 will be devoted to deepening participants’ grasp of the AEDP for couples model through the microanalysis of clinical videotapes. David Mars will present the transformational journey of one couple over time.   The vignettes will identify specific dyadic experiential and somatic interventions, and highlight change moments that helped transform this couples’ way of engaging with each other. You will see how energy sapping strategies that almost destroyed the marriage morph into energy rich strategies that not only save the marriage but also help each partner, thrive and create a new life within the newly secure marriage.

Day 2: Sunday, October 18th, 2015 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Community Healing Workshop with a Live Couple: Metaprocessing the Transformational Journey of a Couple’s Treatment

(Attendance at the Day 1 Workshop is a required preparation for Day 2)

On Day 2, you will be a part of the unique experience of Community Healing.  Undoing aloneness at all levels, the couple, their therapist (David Mars) and the community of therapists gathered (i.e., you, the workshop participants) will work together to deepen the understanding of what AEDP for Couples contributes to healing couple trauma. The Community Healing model allows for the possibility of further enhancing the healing changes already achieved through the couples work, and is illuminating for therapists, revealing how AEDP for Couples feels to those undergoing it.

Diana Fosha’s Day 2 Plenary Address will be on meta-therapeutic processing, called “the crown jewel of AEDP.” Metatherapeutic processing, with the transformational affects that accompany it, is a fundamental and unique aspect of AEDP that integrates of right-and left-brain processes within the context of a healing dyad. Through experientially processing transformational experience, it sets in motion an upward spiral of further changes. Metaprocessing –whether in individual therapy, couples therapy or in groups, large or small– both consolidates and extends healing changes.

David Mars will then put the principles articulated by Diana into action, as he will engage with workshop participants in metaprocessing their experiences of Day 1. The guiding principles for safe languaging that will allow the dialogue between audience members and the couple to be safe, and a mutually beneficial, illuminating and hopefully transformative experience will then be taught. Thus equipped, the Community Healing experience will be set in motion.

The couple whose work was shown on Day 1 will join us live on Day 2. They will be present to reflect on their experiences of the work, provide commentary on videotaped vignettes of their sessions with David, and engage with workshop participants.  Participants will have rare access into the actual experience of the AEDP for Couples work, not only by witnessing the work on tape, but also through hearing a couple’s reflections on the experience. The therapists who are the audience members will also have a chance to share their experience of the couple and their work. Leading and moderating throughout, David Mars will pay close attention to the experience of the transformational affects that emerge, both in the couple and in the audience of therapists.

The last hour of Day 2 will be reserved for metaprocessing the community healing experience, as well as for questions, comments and reflections on the entire two-day workshop.

Day 3 Monday October 19th Extended Group Supervision 9AM to 4:00 PM

25 Participants Only.  (Attendance at Day 1and 2 are a required preparation for Day 3)

* There are 5 openings for therapists to share their work on videotape. Our aim is to bring new relational, somatic and metaprocessing methods into the treatment of couples.

To request one of these places contact

There are 20 openings for therapists to witness and contribute to a rich, safe consultative process of learning based on the work shared on video.

As we witness the videotaped clips shown, Dr. Mars will offer specific ways to:

  • Generate and strengthen the secure base required for transformative couple treatment
  • Deepen, amplify and regulate affective experience while resolving shame
  • Evoke and amplify the felt experience of love
  • Perceive, receive and express in all seven channels of experience

Meet the Presenters

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Other Things You’ll Need to Know

  • The first two days of this conference will be videotaped to produce professional training materials.  Designated seating will be available for those who do not wish to be video recorded.

Fee & Credits

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10/17/2015 - 10/19/2015
All Day


Mt. Sinai West
1000 Tenth Avenue (betw. 58th & 59th) Conference Room B, Second Floor
New York, NY

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