New York City Workshop • Natasha Prenn, LCSW

AEDP: The Nuts and Bolts: What do I say, how do I say it and then what do I do?

An AEDP Workshop at Roosevelt Hospital
with Natasha Prenn, LCSW, Senior Faculty, AEDP Institute

Tired at the end of your work day? Working too hard with your clients?  This workshop is for you. AEDP is in some ways a very natural, and in every way an enlivening way of working: you don’t have to know or guess what your client is feeling or thinking or why. In this one-day workshop you will learn how to help clients stay with their internal experience and expand their capacity to be with you, their therapist. Doing less and facilitating more, you will be amazed by your clients’ self-righting capacities when you get out of their way and help them stay with their experience. You will return to work with variations on this theme: ‘what is it like inside of you right now?’ and ‘what is it like being with me?’ Simple. What to do next with ‘inexperienced experiencers’ will be the next focus of the work!

As clinicians make the shift from the language of the left-brain and thinking to the right-brain and emotion, there is a very real gap between the theory and clinical practice of an experiential, emotion-focused, attachment based treatment. This workshop fills that gap.

Natasha will present her two great passions:
1. How to help clients tune into and stay with their current experience in the here-and-now rather than talking about past experiences of themselves in the there-and-then.
2. How to use the therapist’s self and self-disclosure to facilitate secure attachment in each therapeutic relationship.

She will start with a straightforward AEDP protocol of steps to take to deepen the work, and then with hand-outs of the actual words and phrases of AEDP interventions, she will teach what she calls ‘the experiential language’ of AEDP.   Natasha will show videotape examples of self-disclosure and its metaprocessing to demonstrate this most effective and challenging AEDP relational intervention. Therapists are often afraid to disclose their affect, their reactions, the impact of the patient upon them because they haven’t known how to do it. Natasha will unpack the -how-to’ of self-disclosure so that it is effective, in the service of the client and titrated according to the receptive affective capacity of each client.

This workshop will be accessible to clinicians new to AEDP, and appropriate for those with more experience. Participants will head back to work armed with immediately applicable clinical interventions and a framework for the different interventions they may already be using.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • to define the AEDP therapist’s stance, moment-to-moment tracking, self-disclosure, and metaprocessing
  • the AEDP theory and practice of both self-revealing and self-disclosing self-disclosure
  • to use experiential language in your clinical work

Natasha Prenn, LCSW is a Senior Faculty member of the AEDP (Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy) Institute. Natasha was drawn to AEDP because of its focus on how to actually help people change! Natasha, an engaging teacher, is noted for her ability to translate AEDP theory into user-friendly steps, and for her enthusiastic belief that the mechanisms of AEDP are teachable and therefore learnable skills.

In addition to her clinical practice in New York City, she offers individual and group AEDP supervision. She is currently writing the AEDP Skills Manual, and a monograph for APA on AEDP Supervision with Diana Fosha. She was the founding co-editor of Transformance: the AEDP Journal. Some of her papers and book chapters are available on the AEDP website.


Course Fee: $149 for CE/CEUs.
Registration Closed


Event Details:


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Mt. Sinai West
1000 Tenth Avenue (betw. 58th & 59th)
New York, NY

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