New York Essential Skills • 2013-2014 • Weekend 4

New York Essential Skills with Natasha Prenn, LCSW
Weekend 4
Friday, March 7: 1:00-7:00 pm
Saturday, March 8: 9:00-5:00 pm
Sunday, March 9: 9:00-2:00 pm

How To Work With Emotion In AEDP: Accessing, Experiencing & Processing Emotions To Completion
Guest Faculty: Benjamin Lipton, LCSW

In the context of a safe, secure therapeutic relationship, our facilitating a patient’s full, visceral experiencing of emotions and working together to process them through to completion is a foundational mechanism of therapeutic change for the better in AEDP. As a result of this process of feeling core emotions through to completion, patients consistently and predictably gain access to adaptive strategies for navigating life experiences and thriving in the world. In this module, we will focus on the specific skills required for working effectively with emotional experience. Participants will leave this weekend with a clear understanding of the landscape of emotion processing work in AEDP and the essential tools necessary to begin to facilitate this process in their own clinical work.

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03/07/2015 - 03/09/2015
All Day


Friends in Deed
594 Broadway, Suite 706
New York, New York

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