New York Workshop • Eileen Russell, PhD

Restoring Resilience Through AEDP: Working with Affect, the Body, and Relationship to Enliven Our Capacities for Healing and Becoming Whole

Eileen M. Russell, Ph.D

About this workshop:

When we consider resilience in our clinical work, we may often wonder why some clients bounce back quickly from traumatic events while others remain stuck. How do we promote resilience in our clients? Is building resilience simply a matter of acquiring skills that were missed along the way? Or might it be a more inherent capacity that is already working on behalf of the self?

This presentation will explore a way of understanding resilience that opens our minds and hearts to that resilient partner-in-healing that resides in each of our clients.

Through videotape and discussion, Dr. Eileen Russell will show how the work of AEDP (Accelerated, Experiential, Dynamic, Psychotherapy), focuses on affect, the body, and the therapeutic relationship, to restore resilience. She will outline a theory of resilience that is detailed in her upcoming book, Restoring Resilience: Transformative Therapy at Work, and show how healing involves a movement from expressions of resilience as resistance to forms of resilience that help individuals transform, thrive, and flourish.


Event Details:


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Ackerman Institute for the Family
936 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, New York

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