New York Workshop (in Japanese) • Yuko Hanakawa, PhD

The healing journey in AEDP: Transforming Pain into Joy, Wisdom, and Thriving

With Yuko Hanakawa, PhD

This presentation will highlight the innate self-healing power awakened by the use of AEDP interventions. The focus will include: how to engage a new client, regulate high anxiety, create safety in the dyad, process intense emotions, such as rage, to completion, witness transformational affects, receive the client’s loving gratitude towards the therapist, and facilitate the upward spiral of the innate healing force.

Following the didactic lecture on the AEDP basic principles, visual recordings of three actual clinical sessions will be shown to the audience to demonstrate these principles in action.

This is the first presentation on AEDP in Japanese in NYC. The didactic part will be delivered in Japanese while some videos are spoken in English.

This workshop is free and limited to clinicians.

To register or for more information, contact Yuko Hanakawa.

Event Details:


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm