NYC Seminar • Jeanne Newhouse, NYpsyA

The Use of the Therapist in Working with Shame and the Emerging Self

with SueAnne Piliero, PhD, as discussant

Registration begins at 1:30 pm
Seminar runs from 2 to 5 pm
Social Hour follows at 5 pm

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This workshop will focus on the way in which shame blocks access to the emerging self and positive affect receptivity.

Shame is a social concept and experience that happens between people and as a result it heals best when done between people as well. Lives filled with abuse, chaos, neglect and violence are not something that we bounce back from on our own. Within the context of human relationships we can create, nurture and heal.

In working with a severally traumatized patient we will be looking at the use of some key AEDP concepts to help change the inner map of this client. We will be tracking the use of self-disclosure, building self-compassion and empathy, cognitive restructuring, True Other concepts and Fierce Love throughout the course of the session

With the AEDP approach of dyadic regulation of emotion in the context of a strong attachment bond we will see the ability to help the client correct distortions that allow her to discount her own strengths in favor of the liberation of positive feelings and adaptive resources.


Take the #1 Local-7th Avenue Subway to 116th St.
St Lukes’ entrance is on the south side of 114th Street (“Outpatient Bldg”). Once inside, look for posted AEDP signs and/or pick up an AEDP Seminar directions flyer from the security guard at the information booth just inside the building.

Register after March 7th but in advance of the event and pay only $55 for clinicians and $35 for students.

Registration Closed

All course fees include 3 hours CE Credit. For more information click here

If you pay at the door, the cost per meeting is $70; $50 for graduate students; $25 for St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital staff.  St. Luke’s-Roosevelt trainees attend for free. You must e-mail to reserve a space.


Event Details:


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Registration begins at 1:30 pm


St Luke's Hospital, Muhlenberg Auditorium
440 West 114th Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York

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