Shanghai Master Class • AEDP on How to Work with Defenses & Anxiety

A Sino-American AEDP Training Program Two Day Intensive at the Shanghai Mental Health Center in Shanghai, China

with H. Jacquie Perman, Ph.D

In early encounters with clients, our work often consists of understanding their defenses and anxiety and helping them to move beyond. Throughout Friday, H. Jacquie Perman will use didactic lecture, case observation, and guided experiential exercises to illustrate the AEDP framework and the associated experiential approaches in by-passing and/or moving through defenses as well as alleviating the subsequently rising anxiety. On Saturday, she will further incorporate participants’ clinical cases to enhance the teaching. Overall, the weekend teaching aims to advance trainees’ mastery of specific AEDP intervention skills, and facilitate their navigation in the deeper affective, experiential work.

What You’ll Learn

  • to recognize different types of defenses
  • to become familiar with various approaches and skills working with defenses
  • to improve your ability to tract anxiety associated with the defense work, both your own anxiety and clients’ anxiety
  • to utilize the AEDP “Triangle of Experiential Work” to understand and navigate your State 1 Transformation Work.

About the AEDP Master Class

The AEDP Master Class is a 2-Day intensive with an integration of interactive didactic lectures, experiential exercises and clinical consultations.

Day One is designed to focus on a specific and significant topic in AEDP. It is opened for participants who have attended the Advanced Immersion Course or other clinicians interested in AEDP. There are no limitations in group size.

Day Two is designed for clinicians to deepen clinical skills of AEDP through presenting clinical cases on video or audio tapes for consultation purposes. Group size is limited to 20. There will be space for a total of 5 clinical consultations for the day. Clinicians who present their cases will learn through direct inputs from the teacher and other participants that would aim at advancing their specific clinical work and general clinical skills. Clinicians who do not present cases will learn through observing other clinicians’ work, exploring their own reactions, sharing their own challenges, questions and wisdom.

Meet the Presenter

H. Jacquie Perman, PhD

H Jacquie Perman, PhD

Dr. H.Jacquie Perman is a licensed psychologist, in private practice in Iowa with U.S. Level III AEDP training. She also provides clinical training on individual and group psychotherapy for the Sino-American Wuhan program.




Fee and Credits

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Event Details:


12/04/2015 - 12/05/2015
All Day