Struggling with Transformance: It Ain’t So Easy • Diana Fosha

A full-day workshop with Diana Fosha, PhD

About this workshop:

This workshop developed in response to participants’ oft-stated desire to see tapes where the senior AEDP clinicians struggle and sweat and falter and where the transformational process doesn’t just magically unfold. In this workshop, Diana will do just that.

Diana Fosha will present clinical work that shows the therapist struggling, working too hard, not having so much fun, feeling frustrated, the works, all in an effort to demonstrate to clinicians learning AEDP how difficult getting to transformation can sometimes be, and how important it is i. to have faith; ii. to be in the moment and to track carefully; iii. to know where you are and where you want to go; iv. to persist; and v. to have many different tools.  In the process, participants will learn how to work with resistance, entrenched defenses, and developmental deficits in AEDP therapy.  The work will also demonstrate how, nevertheless, transformance is always present, whether –in the moment– detectable or not, and how it comes in all sizes, from glimmers to grand.

Participants will learn:

• how to work with patients who do not take to AEDP initially
• how to work with resistance to right-brain experience
• How to work with entrenched defenses: defense restructuring, psycho-education, parts work

Please note: Prior AEDP training is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Please contact Dale Trimble for more information.


Rate: $195

Registration Closed

Interns and Students qualify for a reduced price of $120.

Registration Closed

Event Details:


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Gage Residence, UBC - Isabel MacInnes Room
5959 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC

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