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The Theory and Practice of AEDP: Moment by Moment Tracking and Clinical Choice Points

An AEDP Workshop in Portland, Oregon
with Karen Kranz, PhD

 April 21, 2017

at the Process Work Institute
Portland, Oregon 97209

The AEDP therapist tracks moment-by-moment and makes clinical decisions based on the 4 State Transformational Process which is ground in the foundational beliefs that (1) humans have wired-in dispositions for self-healing, and (2) these innate self-healing processes are awakened and activated in a therapist-client relationship characterized by secure attachment.

This workshop will introduce the foundational concepts of AEDP: transformance, a secure therapeutic relationship, and the 4 State Transformational Process. Through audio-visual recordings of therapy sessions,  we will explore therapist choice points and interventions. We will look carefully at client responses to interventions and at creating interventions rooted in homoring a client’s response to an intervention.

 Objectives: Through presentation and video participants will learn…

  • How to recognize the glimmers of transformance and harness them
  • How to co-create a secure attachment through undoing alonessness, dyadic affect regulation, and moment-to-moment tracking
  • How to recognize anxiety and defences that block client’s capacity to connect with their transformance strivings, core emotions, adaptive self-action tendencies, and receptive affective capacity
  • How to work in the here-and-now with direct, visceral expression and experiencing of core emotions within the safety of the therapeutic relationship
  • How to metaprocess with clients on the healing changes that occurred throughout the therapy session in order to facilitate the integration of therapeutic changes into the self
  • How to facilitate the embodiment and integration of core state experiences, such as, calm, ease, clarity, and confidence.

Meet the Presenter

Karen Kranz, Ph.D., R. Psych.  

karen-kranz-copyDr. Kranz has been a psychologist in private practice in Vancouver Canada since 2000. Her areas of interest in AEDP are making the work with clients and therapists increasingly more relational and experiential. She is continually challenged and intrigued by core and pathogenic emotions and has completed the first draft of a paper about pathogenic affect with the working title of “Rock Logic & Rabbit Holes: The Phenomenology of Pathogenic State of Consciousness & its Impact on the Therapist’s State of Consciousness and Therapist-Client Intersubjectivity.”

After the Immersion course, she began supervision with Dr. Fosha. "At that time, all that interested me was becoming a better clinician, AEDP certification as a therapist and supervisor and becoming faculty were never my ambitions. However, as I deepened into both my knowledge and experience of AEDP and in the AEDP community, I realized that it was through the process of certification as a therapist, as a supervisor, and now with teaching and writing that I was becoming a better therapist."

With AEDP, Dr. Kranz says she "found a therapeutic home and a community of colleagues when I did not even know I was looking for one, or perhaps more aptly wasn’t looking for one because I did not believe such a home existed."

Dr. Kranz has and continues to assist with Immersion, Essentials Skills (ES1) and Advanced Skills (ES2) nationally and internationally. Her most recent paper is “Making AEDP supervision relational and experiential: Cultivating receptive affective capacity in supervisee and client.”


Process Work Institute
2049 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, Oregon 97209


  • $149 pre-registration, $175 day of event if space is available
  •  $135 early registration (payment must be received before 3/31/17)
  • $75 student with ID


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6 CEUs available for therapists, counselors, and social workers

A $25 charge for all cancellations on or before March 31, 2017.  Due to fixed costs and contractual obligations, we are unable to offer refunds for cancellations on or after March 31, 2017

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9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Process Work Institute
2049 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, Oregon,

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