Undoing Aloneness: The Transformation of Emotional Suffering

Undoing Aloneness: The Transformation of Emotional Suffering

Sweden workshop with Diana Fosha, PhD. with guest presenter Ron Frederick, PhD.

Tuesday, October 7 – Wednesday, October 8, 2014, 9am – 5pm

To register, please contact birgitta.elmquist@sapu.se.

For the first time, AEDP comes to Sweden! We look forward to grow and expand the community of AEDP practitioners in Sweden, welcoming those new to AEDP and deepening bonds with those who are already members of the AEDP community.

About this workshop:

Aloneness in the face of overwhelming emotion is the epicenter of emotional suffering. Attempts to deal with it result in psychopathology that brings patients to seek help. Attachment is key to undoing that aloneness so that previously feared-to-be overwhelming emotions can be processed and thus trauma transformed. Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), one of the fastest growing approaches to working with attachment trauma, has developed rich, creative, systematic interventions for doing precisely that: undoing the patient’s aloneness. AEDP is fearless in working with the experience of the patient-therapist attachment, moment-to-moment tracking and processing it rigorously. AEDP features an explicitly empathic, affirming, emotionally engaged therapeutic stance, active relational techniques and experiential interventions to make the most of transformational processes.

This workshop will showcase AEDP with its dual clinical focus on (a) directly translating attachment research into the clinical practice of fostering secure attachment and (b) naming, tracking and experientially amplifying the specific, moment-to-moment markers of positive transformation.

This two day workshop will introduce clinicians to a therapy that makes use of experiential techniques and focuses on moment-to-moment dyadic affective processes to help patients access and regulate intense emotions. We will focus on both theory and techniques. Teaching will make extensive use of videotaped material from actual psychotherapy sessions to illustrate both affective phenomena and clinical techniques.

Participants will learn …

  • The main theoretical foundations for AEDP: an attachment-
    based, healing-oriented, emotion focused, experiential and transformation-based model.
  • How to use right-brain to right-brain communication and the therapist’s genuine experience to engender secure attachment and repair attachment trauma
  • Innovative ways of working with defenses
  • How to transform anxiety and shame with curiosity and affirmation
  • How to use dyadic affect regulation to work with clients’ previously feared-to-be unbearable emotions
  • The power of moment-to-moment tracking of the patient and therapist on videotape to be used as a tool for catalyzing and facilitating positive psychological change.
  • How experiential meta-processing can deepen therapeutic gains, foster resilience, expand relational capacity and
    deepen receptive experiences of feeling seen, felt, loved and understood.

A bit more about this workshop:

This workshop is being sponsored by SAPU, a Stockholm-based Swedish organization that has a long history of commitment to teaching and training therapists in Sweden in affect-focused models and techniques, and where AEDP has been taught for the last decade.We are proud to have SAPU as the sponsor of AEDP teaching and training in Sweden.

For more information or to register, to register contact birgitta.elmquist@sapu.se

Event Details:


10/07/2014 - 10/08/2014
9:00 am - 5:00 pm



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