AEDP Institute

Anna Christina Sundgren, MA

Anna Christina Sundgren, MA is a Licensed  Psychotherapist, teacher and Supervisor. She runs a private practice in Stockholm, Sweden for over 20 years. Anna Christina became a certified AEDP-therapist in 2015, and an AEDP Supervisor in 2016. Before she became a licensed psychotherapist she worked as a High School and Adult Education teacher in Literature and Creative writing. Anna Christina also studied Jungian Psychology.  She is trained in Short-term Dynamic Therapy and is a Mindfulness Instructor.

She has worked with domestic violence treatment, especially group therapy with male perpetrators. For many years she has been a supervisor for social workers, therapists and health professionals besides her client work. Anna Christina has developed and supervised a relational Infant Observation method inspired from AEDP, together with a colleague, to help Therapy students develop their sense of non-verbal communication in therapies. Since 2016 she supervises therapists in AEDP trainings, both individually and in groups. She has assisted Immersion Course with Diana Fosha, many Essential Skills courses and has been Lead Assistant for Immersion. She has also presented her own work in two Immersion Courses and ES1. She has done many AEDP-presentations and workshops, and Introduction Courses in AEDP both in Sweden and Europe. Anna Christina is a devoted AEDP therapist and supervisor who loves helping therapists to grow and flourish through AEDP while creating safety and a warm and caring atmosphere, a platform for exploration together. She also provides Zoom Supervision.