Anna Christina Sundgren, M.A.

Anna Christina Sundgren, M.A. is a Licensed Psychotherapist Certified AEDP therapist and Supervisor, Trained Mindfulness Teacher, and Retreat leader. Working as a private practitioner in Stockholm, Sweden since 1999, and teaching and
supervising AEDP for many years and has been part of this growing community since 2013.

Anna Christina has developed and supervised a relational Infant Observation method inspired from AEDP, together with a colleague, to help Therapy students develop their sense of non-verbal communication in therapies. She has been presenting in ES1 and guest presenter at Immersion courses, EA and Lead Assistant. Together with Annika Medbo she teaches Core Training in Scandinavia and internationally online. She is one of the founders of the Swedish AEDP Community, and a member of the AEDP International Committee.

Anna Christina has been engaged in human growth for her whole adult life, as a teacher in her writing, and as a psychotherapist. AEDP embodies all she’s touched and tried intuitively before; the ethos of having a healing perspective, importance of
transforming emotion, recognizing the True Self, connection of body and brain, striving to be an authentic therapist, and more.

Anna Christina loves the concept of “therapeutic presence”, and the need to nurture it in ourselves. In AEDP it is often said, the “therapist is the intervention”, and that’s another cornerstone of her practice that she’s learned from AEDP. She has a long
experience of meditation and spiritual practice that is helpful to stay deeply connected with the glimmers of the true self in the face of trauma, and dare to go to the dark places with her patients to heal, as well.  She integrates neuroscience and attachment theory when she teaches, and her intention is to be present and attuned also when teaching, not only talking about how to be, but she also hopes she can “walk the talk” and be able to give the participants an experience of professional change and transformation, when they participate in her AEDP trainings.