AEDP Institute

Annika Medbo, MA

Annika Medbo, MA is a certified AEDP supervisor, a psychotherapist, supervisor, and a physiotherapist. Her early work with patients with severe psychosomatic problems sparked her keen interest in nonverbal communication and working with the body. “What captured my interest was the ‘calls’ for connection and the glimmers of core self that could be seen or sensed beyond symptoms, diagnosis and defenses.” This interest led her to train in Body-oriented psychotherapy (1999-2002). Although this training deepened her body awareness and capacity to “read” the body Annika found the focus too one-sided intra-psycic. That led her to SAPU (Stockholm Academy for Psychotherapy Training), a Psychotherapy Institute with a relational and affect focused orientation (2002-2005). Now in training with more focus on the relationship and affects she suddenly missed the body and experiential work, until she was introduced to AEDP and Diana Fosha. Already after reading the first chapter in her book Annika begun to feel she had found her model. There was an immediate experience of “getting it together”, mind and body, inter and intra psycic processes and the important balancing between them.

In AEDP Annika found a theory and words for what she implicitly had been searching for which formed a new foundation for her work. “With the four-state map as my left-brain guide I can now be more free in ‘leaning into’ the right brain part of the work”. Annika’s areas of interest in AEDP are in the use and development of these non-verbal processes. She is fascinated by the ‘creative right brain’ and the capacity in the human being to find new, personal ways to heal and grow if provided with ‘the right circumstances’. In her teaching her strivings are to ‘simplify the complexity’, to teach the theory ‘bottom up’ and making it experiential.

Annika has been part of building the AEDP community in Sweden and she was the Initiator to the AEDP Stockholm Salon. She presented at ES1 with Ron Frederick 2017 and was guest presenter at Immersion in London with Diana Fosha, 2020. Annika supervises and teaches AEDP Core Trainings nationally and internationally. Teaching ES1 feels exciting and like a big meaningful next step for Annika and it´s her hope that her teaching can inspire participants taking their next steps in becoming more fully who they are in the therapist role as well as on a personal level.

Annika has a private practice in Stockholm.