Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist

Annika Medbo, is a faculty member of AEDP™ Institute, Licensed Psychotherapist, Licensed Physiotherapist, AEDP Certified Supervisor and teacher. She has a private practice in Stockholm. Annika´s clinical interests are in trauma and dissociation with a special interest in the use and development of non-verbal processes that can work to enhance and facilitate growth and healing. This interest started before AEDP when Annika was working in psychiatric clinics and striving to meet her patients “beyond diagnosis”, listen to the nonverbal “calls” for connection, rather than focusing on defences and pathology. Her interest for nonverbal processes expanded when she supervised psychotherapy students in Infant Observation at a major Psychotherapy Institute in Stockholm.

When Annika discovered AEDP, she found a theoretical base and language for these kind of processes. She loves to develop ways to teach about the creative right brain and the capacity in the human being to find new, personal ways to heal and grow if provided
with the right circumstances. In her teaching her strivings are to simplify the complexity and teaching the theory bottom up.

She has assisted and presented internationally at Essential Skills 1 and has been Guest presenter at the Immersion Course (London, 2020 with Diana Fosha). She supervises and teaches, together with Anna Christina Sundgren, AEDP Core Trainings nationally and internationally and is one of the founders of the Swedish AEDP Community. In addition to AEDP, Annika is trained in body-oriented Psychotherapy.