Annika Medbo, Licensed Psychotherapist and Licensed Physiotherapist

Annika Medbo is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. Her early work in psychiatric care with patients with severe psychosomatic problems sparked her keen interest in nonverbal communication. After years of training in Body oriented Psychotherapy and relational/affect focused psychotherapy, she finally found what she had been searching for in AEDP; a model that integrates the relational and body perspective, inter and intra psychic processes and right brain and left brain work. With the 4-State map as her “left brain guide” she could now be freer in “leaning into” the right brain part of the work.

Annika’s areas of interest in AEDP are in the use and development of the non-verbal processes, such as “micro attuning”, “going beyond mirroring” and bringing the therapist’s Self into the healing process. She loves to develop ways to teach about
the creative right brain and the capacity in the human being to find new ways to heal and grow if provided with the right circumstances. In her teaching her strivings are to simplify the complexity and teach the theory bottom up.

Annika has been part of building the AEDP community, from the start, in Sweden. She has given workshops in Sweden (and Norway) on “The use of Portrayals and Parts work in AEDP” and “Building the Self processes in AEDP”. She initiated the
AEDP Stockholm Salon in 2018. She has presented internationally at Essential Skills 1 (Parma, 2017 with Ron Frederick) and has been Guest presenter at the Immersion Course (London, 2020 with Diana Fosha). She supervises and teaches AEDP Core
Trainings nationally, in Sweden and internationally and will be teaching Essential Skills 1 summer 2022.