Gail Woods, LCSW, LMFT

Gail Woods LCSW, LMFT, is based in New York City and Hudson Valley, trained at Columbia University School of Social Work and Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, and brings 40+ years of diverse clinical experience to her passion for AEDP. She specializes in trauma processing (also trained in SE and EMDR) and couples work. She co-helmed a 16-session Consultation Group for Advanced Clinicians with Faculty member, Jenn Edlin and has presented and written on 16 Session Time-limited AEDP Therapy. She initiated an ongoing AEDP-Systems consultation group where senior clinicians explore ways to integrate AEDP and systems therapy. She enjoys AEDP supervision and therapy with people of all spiritual, sexual, cultural and ethnic orientations.

“From AEDP Day One I was drawn to AEDP’s I-Thou , True Self/ True Other deeply relational approach to both therapy and supervision. AEDP, alongside mindfulness practice, has greatly expanded my sense of the preciousnessand worthiness of every life I touch & that touches me. We all deserve AEDP’s exquisite attention to our resilient gimmers and core truths. AEDP is soul-work. I aim to embody this truth as Supervisor, Therapist, and in all my relationships.”