H. Jacquie Ye-Perman, PhD 

H. Jacquie Ye-Perman, PhD  is an AEDP Certified Supervisor and Therapist, and a licensed psychologist in private practice in Iowa, U.S. I provide online individual and group supervision in the U.S., China, and internationally. I also travel to China to teach AEDP courses, and I assist in AEDP courses in the U.S. and Canada. I am enthusiastic about the topic of cross-cultural applicability of AEDP and have written and presented on this topic with Diana Fosha at the SEPI 2019 conference.

I grew up in China and moved to Canada in 2001, to study psychology, and to look for an answer to my life. Encountering Diana Fosha and AEDP marked the end of my wandering, and the beginning of my path of clarity, determination, and joy, incidentally in both professional and personal life. I find it invigorating to be living amongst my fellow AEDP-ers, to learn from my AEDP teachers, supervisors (Diana Fosha, Karen Pando-Mars, Danny Yeung), peers, students and supervisees alike. With two near-death past experiences in mind, I take it as part of my life mission to translate Diana Fosha’s “the Transforming Power of Affects” into Chinese, along side other translation work. I also work on being a translator in supervising and teaching, such that I use my own voice to articulate AEDP, in a way that could be experienced/felt by the supervisee, based on their own backgrounds and “languages”. I also pay attention to needs for short-term treatment based on my years of work at college counseling settings, and enjoy incorporating the power of AEDP in my work with couples and groups.