Judy Silberstein, LCSW 

Judy Silberstein, LCSW has been an experiential therapist for over 30 years and has a private practice in NYC. She has been in small group/individual supervision with Diana Fosha & Natasha Prenn and has assisted in Immersion, Essential Skills (ES1 & ES2). She is the co-chair of AEDP Metro NYC – a salon style learning community dedicated to nurturing and growing AEDP in the metropolitan area.

With her roots in somatic therapy, Judy specializes in using the intersubjective field and AEDP–IR to help process and heal traumatized clients and their parts.

“As an AEDP supervisor, I see supervision as a three-way collaboration between the minds and hearts of the supervisor, therapist and patient on tape. It is deeply gratifying for me to encourage, support and launch budding therapists and witness them become solid and sure footed AEDP therapists. I am grateful to my supervisees because they have offered me the privilege of growing alongside with them!”