AEDP Institute

Lia Jones, LMFT

Lia Jones, LMFT is a Certified AEDP Supervisor and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Denver, Colorado as well as licensed in California. She found her theoretical and heart home in AEDP when she attended the first Immersion course in 2003.  After two years of core training with Diana Fosha and a year of multi faculty core training in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lia moved to Colorado where she founded the AEDP Rocky Mountain community which hosts AEDP workshops and 'lunch and learns' for the growing AEDP community in the Colorado region. She was supervised by Faculty Jenn Edlin and Anne Cooper for her AEDP Supervisor certification and works with Ron Frederick and Jenn Edlin as her on going consultants. She provides seminars on introductions to AEDP and organizes, adjunct teaches, and supervises at the Multi-Faculty Denver Core Trainings. Lia has assisted many times at ES courses nationally and internationally, has served as lead assistant to ES course in NYC, LA and on line. She is a member of the team developing the EA Learning video and material. Lia brings humor, compassion, and an embodied experience of AEDP to her work. She is passionate about introducing clinicians to AEDP, growing AEDP communities, and practicing, supervising and training from the AEDP model. Lia currently supervises in person and zoom groups as well as individuals in AEDP.