AEDP Institute

(Liz) Elizabeth Perkins MA, LMFT

(Liz) Elizabeth Perkins MA, LMFT is in private practice in San Diego, California, and currently sees clients who reside in California. AEDP has strongly influenced her since she began learning the model in 2013. Liz thrives on fine-tuning her skills in her own individual supervision and while supervising others. She regularly assists at  AEDP Essential Skills courses as a Lead EA or Assistant and attends other AEDP training. AEDP continues to be the heart of her client work. Liz feels like AEDP is responsible for the most memorable and meaningful breakthrough moments in her sessions. She feels constantly challenged by the model and astounded by its results in equal parts. She brings excitement and awe to her time with Supervisee’s. Liz feels like understanding the flow of the four states and transitions is helpful when embodying the model. Once understood, her Supervision supports the learner in finding their voice within the theory. Informed by her own challenges in learning, Liz is committed to creating an open, clear, and thoughtful safe space for all types of learners. One of Liz’s favorite parts of supervision is witnessing the “aha” moments that inevitably occur within herself and the supervisee each time she has the honor of diving into the model with a learner. She feels that she often learns as much as her Supervisee’s in the process. Note- photo is of Liz embodying her excitement to supervise.