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Netta Ofer

Netta Ofer is an Educational Psychologist and a certified AEDP supervisor. Netta started (informally) practicing and teaching AEDP in 2006 and laid the first milestones in establishing the Israeli AEDP
community, supervising and teaching for many years many of which are now part of the Israeli assistant team. In 2011 together with prof. Esther Cohen, Ofer Maurer and Osnat Cohen Ganor, she helped establish the cooperation between the AEDP institute and The IDC “New School of Psychotherapy” and was the first ambassador of the AEDP Institute to Israel.

Today Netta is a senior faculty in the “New School of Psychotherapy” in the IDC and Geha Hospital, where she teaches courses in AEDP and in the treatment of complex trauma as well as supervises groups and individuals. Netta is a certified trainer in CPP (Child Parent Psychotherapy) with traumatized infants and parents and trains clinicians in this model in various welfare agencies, hospitals and public clinics.

Netta has a private practice in Srigim and Tel Aviv where she does psychotherapy and supervises groups and individuals in AEDP and integrative treatment for adults, infants, children, parents and families. Netta has published four chapters in books edited by professor Esther Cohen on the subject of “Parent Therapy” one of them in collaboration with Niv Gross on the ways to practice AEDP with parents. Netta has presented special workshops on working with portrayals with Hans Welling in Israel and Lisbon and presented a special workshop on working with pathogenic shame with Einat Shaked in Israel and Lisbon.

Netta has presented 4 international workshops through ISC on working with fear in Corona times.

Netta is currently working on a book about portrayals in AEDP with Hans welling.