Regina Pontes

Regina Pontes, MS

Regina Pontes, MS and AEDP Certified Supervisor has devoted her professional life to psychotherapy and the understanding of emotions and how they can lead to transformative life-changing experiences. She is a professor, clinical psychologist and supervisor, and couples therapist. Since 1992, Ms. Pontes has been a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro’s Psychology Department (PUC) teaching Psychotherapy, Psychological Assessment and Clinical Training. Alongside her academic journey she worked for 20 years at the Santa Casa da Misericórdia General Hospital of Rio de Janeiro in the Psychiatric Service of the Psychotherapy Department, leading psychotherapy group sessions, teaching Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy and working with individual and group clinical treatments. She has also extensive training in Somatic Experiencing and Mindfulness Instructor from Mindfulness Training International.

Ms. Pontes` background and training have always been Integrative Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy in individual and group models. She obtained her Master’s Degree by developing a Focal Dynamic Group Psychotherapy Model, which she worked extensively and intensely for ten years, expanding group psychotherapy for specific contexts. After being introduced to Dr. Fosha’s theory, she attended the Immersion Courses 1 and 2, workshops and seminars where she was trained by Dr. Kari Gleiser. Since then, she has focused her interest on AEDP’s expansion in the academic milieu, giving workshops and lectures in Rio de Janeiro. Since the vocational and professional training of new clinicians have always been one of her greatest passions, she, together with Maria Candida Soares, created the first AEDP-Brasil Institute where she coordinates and ministers a two-year course AEDP-NeuroPsychoTherapy, developing academic instruction and clinical training in AEDP. For more information, visit or Contact 55 21 2579-3568 / 55 21 99967-4771