AEDP Institute

Steve Carroll, LCSW

Steve Carroll, MSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in Haddonfield, N.J. with over 40 years experience with social service agencies and in private practice since 1988. Steve’s clinical background includes training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, object relations, Imago Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. For Steve, finding AEDP was so exciting as the model integrated with poetic resonance the major clinical influences of his professional life.

Steve started his AEDP journey in 2008 with the Immersion Course with Diana Fosha followed by 3 years of Core Training with Eileen Russell. He then became an Experiential Assistant for many Immersion, ESI and II courses and presently as a Lead Assistant. Along the way, Steve received supervision from Diana Fosha and supervision of supervision from Diana Fosha and Natasha Prenn.  He was also in Core Training for three years with David Mars and Karen Pando-Mars for work  adapting AEDP in a couples modality and assisted in their Couples Trainings.

Steve feels very grateful for the privilege of being part of this transformational work and specifically as a supervisor, the opportunity to co-create a safe environment for supervisees to learn and grow as people as well as clinicians. This gratitude extends to all of the clients, supervisees, experiential assistants and AEDP faculty who have contributed so much to his growth/learning and a desire to pass it on.