Wendy Summer, LPC

Wendy Summer, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the co-leader of AEDP Virginia and has been instrumental in bringing AEDP to Virginia, where a thriving regional community now exists. Wendy’s private practice (www.wendysummer.com) focuses on treating young and emerging adults, and she specializes in using AEDP with this population. In 2020, she wrote a journal Transformance article (https://aedpinstitute.org/the-therapeutic-presence-issue-wendy-summer/) about her AEDP-informed approach to working with young adults.

Wendy’s supervision style, much like her style as a therapist, is collaborative, active and attuned. One of her greatest professional delights is helping therapists discover their unique, therapist-at-best selves, allowing the transformance drive to fuel this growth process. Wendy brings deep caring and humor to her work as well as the ability to break down complex AEDP concepts into digestible and accessible chunks. Wendy received her counseling degrees from the University of Virginia and has been involved in multiple aspects of AEDP learning and teaching since 2013. Wendy offers both individual and group supervision and has a particular appreciation for the Core Training format.