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Therapists included in this directory are listed according to their level of training in AEDP  (i.e. roughly number of AEDP training hours); AEDP Level does not correlate to the therapist’s overall experience as a clinician. To learn more about AEDP Levels, click here.

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Cornelius, John
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
202 368 7391
5480 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 204
Chevy Chase
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
2015 R Street NW
City 2
State 2
Distric of Columbia
Zip Code 2

I help individuals work on life issues tied to anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, stress symptoms tied to childhood trauma, and families struggling with behavioral challenges. I teach communication skills that help with difficult relationships. These skills include helping my clients improve their power, voice, and contact with significant others. I employ many approaches in psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, gestalt, somatic experiencing and cognitive behavioral.

For traumatic stress, I help individuals reduce symptoms of hyperarousal, panic, numbness, and pain in response to relationship and life challenges. With children, adolescents, and young adults, I combine relationship and calming skills to reduce ADHD and family discord and increase self-efficacy. I work with emotions, behaviors, cognitions and physiology.

I work with individuals or couples to explore how small changes in life attitudes and body stances can create new ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world and help find new solutions to life problems. This approach can help individuals contact their sense of joy and competency.

Private Practice
Institutional Affiliations
National Association of Social Workers, Greater Washington Society of Clinical Social Workers
Accepts Insurance
Accepted Insurance Plans
Bcbs ppo, out-of-network