d'Orsogna, Simon

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Simon d'Orsogna MA
AEDP Level
Level I AEDP Training
+61 418 321 254
22 Hatton Grove
Outside of USA / Canada
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
22 Hatton Grove
City 2
State 2
Zip Code 2

Simon is an individual and family therapist, trainer and facilitator based in Melbourne, with individual clients and supervisees across Australia and the globe. He provides psychotherapy, process consultancy and adult developmental coaching as well as leading IFS and other experiential-oriented training in Australia and the region.

Simon completed his Clinical Masters in Systemic Family Therapy at Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University, and continues studying the late David Grove’s unique therapeutic approach to ‘Clean’ language and space. He facilitates experiential learning events including Coherence Therapy workshops across Australia, and co-developed the four-part online training, “THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COHERENCE THERAPY” with Dr Niall Geoghegan (free on YT).

Simon is a certified Immunity to Change coach (Harvard Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s adult development approach to change and transformation), and a member of the Focusing Institute (US). The ideas underpinning the effectiveness of each of these approaches align with the recent neuroscience learnings about memory reconsolidation and release from implicit emotional learnings.

Simon has led the introduction of Coherence Therapy, Kegan-Lahey’s Adult Developmental Coaching, IFS and Polyvagal Theory informed therapies in the region. He has facilitated and arranged more than 350 days of Internal Family Systems trainings and workshops since 2016, along with organising the first Certification IFS trainings offered in Australia. As the IFS Institute’s International Partner in the region he brings IFS training and workshops to the Oceania region (SE Asia, New Zealand Aotearoa, and Australia). Additionally Simon is an Associate Instructor with the Coherence Psychology Institute, and a member of the Harvard Institute of Coaching Professional Association.

Mindbeyond Institute
Institutional Affiliations
IFS Australia, IFS Institute (US), Coherence Psychology Institute (US)
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