Fitton, Emily K

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Emily K Fitton, LCSW
AEDP Level
Level III AEDP Training
15 East 40th St.
New York
New York
Zip/Postal Code
City 2
New York
State 2
Zip Code 2

I love AEDP because it’s explicitly about healing and transformation. I chose it because I learned that knowing alone doesn’t lead to change. We need to actually experience – what it feels like in the moment – the process of change, seeing ourselves in new ways, and expressing our authentic emotions.
It’s pretty amazing to consider that a conversation between two people can be so healing to mind, soul and body – miraculous, actually. That’s the power of relationship. What’s unique about your therapy relationship is that it’s solely focused on your growth and development, and our goal is your change for the better. Please know that I work intuitively and we’ll go beyond words, to process feelings, body sensations, images, and metaphors as an important source of your truth.
I specialize in treating generalized anxiety. Most of my clients came to me because their anxiety felt unmanageable and was controlling their lives. Things looked like they should be working – they had a decent job, social life, and so on – but they felt sad, worried, or edgy all the time. And, they were angry at their anxiety and ashamed about how much it limited them.
Turns out, most of my clients’ anxieties arose because they’d suppressed their emotions, wishes and values. When my clients live from their authentic self, their anxiety naturally starts to dissipate.
I have many creative people in my practice and help them balance their art with the demands of life. I work with freelancers, entrepreneurs, career changers and people who want more from their jobs; ranging in age from mid-20s to 60s.
If any of these key words resonate with you, we can be a good fit:
Self-realization; self-empowerment; imposter syndrome; stop living in fear and start living in freedom; find your voice and use it, find your path and follow it; heal the wounds of early life experiences; befriend your emotions and use them to inform your life.

Emily K Fitton, LCSW
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New York State Society for Clinical Social Workers, Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine
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