Gardino, Gene

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Gardino, Gene
AEDP Level
Level III AEDP Training
520 East 76th Street
New York
New York
Zip/Postal Code
Address 2
130 East 40th Street
City 2
New York
State 2
New York
Zip Code 2

Gene Gardino has had 22 years in private practice. He did a postgraduate 3-year externship at the Ackerman Institute for Family and Couples in NYC and has had training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and Narrative Therapy and AEDP for working with individuals. As well as being a therapist in private practice, Gene was the Director of Counseling Services at an independent school in Manhattan and over the past few years has worked as consultant in those schools for setting up counseling programs. His specialties include working with adolescents, parents of adolescents and children, couples, families, and adult individuals. He brings together several theoretic models in his work with clients, all to create a warm and engaging relationship with those who seek healing. In AEDP this is done by identifying a client’s defenses and moving through to deeper, core feelings, a process that creates a richer functioning in their personal and professional lives – issues of sexuality, alcoholism/addiction(s), depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship challenges with spouse, partner, friends, school or work.

Institutional Affiliations
AEDP Institute; EFT; Ackerman Alumni Association
Accepts Insurance