Grigsby, Gwen

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Grigsby, Gwen
AEDP Level
Level II AEDP Training
15332 Antioch St, #195
Pacific Palisades
Zip/Postal Code
Unites States

I believe we are all born with the resiliency to handle life’s challenges. Along the way, we develop necessary, sometimes unhelpful, strategies to manage the distress and attempt to stay connected to the people we love and depend on. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, a life transition, a traumatic experience, grief, or relationship difficulties, we all need a supportive and compassionate other to join us as we untangle these strategies and discover new ways to access our inner strength and authenticity. I’d love to be this person for you.

I help my clients explore their blocks, reduce anxiety and depression, and access their internal experience, ultimately leading to a more calm, confident, and connected path forward.

My clients appreciate my caring, collaborative, and transparent approach. I offer virtual sessions to those residing in California. Please visit my website and reach out to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about how we could work together.

Accepts Insurance